Bienvenue à La Rochelle ! – Ta vie quotidienne

Welcome of foreign students in La Rochelle. Your daily life in La Rochelle La Rochelle is a human size city, you can get everywhere shortly. Upset with walking? The “Yelo” network will be your friend, and allows you to use bicycle, car, bus, even boat! To get your membership and all informations, meet us in “Maison de la Mobilité”. Opportunities for cultural visits and leisure activities, are numerous in La Rochelle. Feel free to contact “Sortir 17” or “Office du tourisme de La Rochelle” to get plenty of datas! To slow down your expenses,
the “student card” and the pass “culture”, will allow you to get many discounts. To go shopping, “Centre commercial de Beaulieu” is the right place, local supermarkets, and minimarkets, but also market fairs in many places of La Rochelle. For catering, If your food budget is tight, you can find “Remplir les ventres pas les poubelles” located in the student house or alternatively, “Les Restos du Coeur” private association. Expect around 30 up to 50 € per month for a subscription to get Internet/Mobile Phone with operators as Orange, Bouygues, SFR, FREE To afford that, you can apply for a student’s job residence permit mandatory for non-europeans). Warning: all these are subject to severe rules: Working time over 10h per day is forbidden. A written down contract between you and your employer
must be signed up and setup. The SMIC (salaire minimum interprofessionnel garanti)
is fixed since January 1st 2019 for 10.03 € (gross wage) ,per hour. Concerning the non-europeans, it’s forbidden to work over 964 hours per year, and your employer must declare your job at the Prefecture (sort of Police administration). For more details concerning the SMIC, please have a look to the website : item “Etranger”: “Travail d’un étranger en France”.

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