TRUE SURF TUTORIAL hello true surf, Andrew here! And today’s episode we’ll start from zero we’ll show you from the game’s beginning how it works when you open true surf and the app starts at tutorial I’ve been talk about this tutorial with some subscribers which I highly recommend. And if you just arrive here today at our channel, pls don’t forget to subscribe and support us I’m available whenever you need it to help you! I’ll try to share what I know about this game if you need it and/or have question or how it works? btw, application not available in Portuguese version so, this app tutorial has some good size waves to practice with barrels and etc which is very helpful, pls go check out train as many times you want. You’ll lear how to surf lefts also right hand waves there is a game configuration that you can’t change your controls a lot people don’t know that you can reverse game touch controls I feel better surfing right hand waves I’ll show you all how it works later to surf whatever the wave is going right hands controls on way and lefts controls different let’s check now, the drop! this part at tutorial you’ll learn how to stand up you’ll have to wait both bars to line up, the green with the gray color one wait for the green to meet the gray one at the end of the screen just touch the cell screen and surfer will stand you’ll have many different opportunities to train and become an expert here is the touch and surf is good to go configuration now is set for right hands, which I like it better since I control the surfer with my left thump when surfer is going right just watch this drop just practicing at this tutorial if you don’t want to complete this tutorial you can just tap “SKIP” located at the bottom part if you click there, you’ll be skipping tutorial make sure you complete all thank you guys for watching, please SUBSCRIBE ALOHA! and let’s go TRUE SURF.

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