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Bullying, and just general aggression
online, are one of the things that teenagers experience in social media
environments. The troll is taking some enjoyment out have upsetting someone else on the
internet but before you came to understand about free speech on the web
is that we haven’t clearly delineated makes the
tough decisions cyber bullying is a very popular
customers sometimes we see killing going on on face the walls bc nasty comments
argued include and comments accents let me find
that young people often don’t categorize a lot of online aggression it goes on
house willing and open up refrigerators dramas it’s easier for you and give the
loss of the goes on onlineshoes minimize its impact on there’s a term called the online this
inhibitions back which says that people are less
inhibited online because you can see the first met her talking to you there really is a sense of that
protection haha anonymity that allows people to give
rise to the senate aggressions teachers from places like space for where every
identity is tied to their real names there’s still a lot of questions to be
tax i don’t think it is not about anonymity as it is about these distancing fact
computer screen in front of you alarm went off line boeing are often part of
disdain social science magnet somebody’s getting
slowly face-to-face mohali fiscal may also be experiencing crushing online
most young people face to face believes is more stressful and have more
emotionally and quote-unquote cyber bully and focusing just on cyber
bullying ignores a whole range of other dynamics online the young people might
find really typical and really participate the tragic cases teen suicide really
complicated we do know that in number of these pieces the young people involved had asked her how many work supported so
rather than telling teenagers they shouldn’t be putting content online i
think it’s about supporting young people in their day-to-day life is not just
about regulating their behaviors essentially trolling is about disruption a terrific temps too frustrate misfortune fury eight uh… chosen
target can run the gamut redirecting someone to unanswered image
or video clip for example rick astley seventy you well all the way to going after the friends
and family of murdered teenagers and everything in between in the mid two thousand strolling began
to take on the specifics of cultural connotation or something kinda fun
charles and the hotbed was what stands anymore something then if i’m trolls claim to be
motivated by what’s called walls correction of laugh out loud implies
amusement that they can trolls believe that
nothing should be taken seriously if you take something seriously thing you deserve it one of the most
problematic forms of trolling is memorial castro filled mostly sendiri
materials onto based but very few pages devoted to the recently deceased this is
three guys off that stuff all traveled the north of here over the
fifteen year old girl destroy dot our way in may and new page because as here hope for invented the internet
anyone that’s s_l_a_ under trolls are implicitly
critiquing e_t_a_ narrative surrounding these stats
specifically people who are regarded as three forests strangers to the deceased to post
condolence messages on the base the page is a lot of them are helping strolls are
targeting those people his first interests tests patrolling fetal tissue would set the rules of the game set fundamentally asymmetrical but that
courtesy is not extended to the target the target does not give us a it is
often very exciting and very and are usually very damaging played yet also has the potential of
opening up dialogue that otherwise it wouldn’t be open up and regardless of
what the tro was actually trying to accomplish it has the ability to make
people think what do these behaviors in what they say it about the contract
which they arise how does this fit into a larger cultural
brown year has been amazing development for
free speech in general this has toppled government’s this is helped elect
presidents but anytime you give anyone the ability
to speak there’s always the chance that they could abuse that ability free speech means something very
different online that does offline when you’re talking about speech offline
you’re usually talking about these interference with the speech by the
divergence but when it comes to just private censorship was the first
amendment provides is just the benefit of history online service writers to
have a lot to learn from supports struggling with these issues when they
set their rules for big dick example of the innocence of muslims case the video
was put up online prompted protests throughout the arab world and certainly cannot envy campbell at
all they had to decide in the moment value of the video has a provocation for
further discussion without legitimate danger to life in living that the
reaction to that that it will engender there’s this dear fiction that equates
free speech with speech without criticism that he is not only bronx
somewhat antithetical to what the first amendment solid balanced think the most
productive solution will always be making people understand how their words affect you so solutions
on and then we have to recognize that the people were trying to protect by
forcing people to reveal their true names online are often the people there
speaking anonymously online thing convicted who is gay enters in a high school where
that revelation would lead to physical abuse for him you can take the example
up a victim of domestic violence you can take the example of a dissident fighting
against foreign government where there is anyway because the government is that
we find them and kill them i don’t think there’s anything about the internet
returns on two people people i have seen more about each other
whenever you confront that speech you have to think about why is that person saying what they’re
saying the future speech online is largely going to rest on we decide to
govern what goes on the web i refer to trolls as agents of cultural
thank gestion you can look at what the chills are
doing and extrapolate out what larger trends are going on and so it’s not
necessarily about trying to fix the internet it’s not taking a long look at the
culture in which we live in in our values and see how those playhouse
intact people’s faces like unit in cases of free speech online who makes the
tough decisions right now is resting on the corporations and while they’ve been
very careful to date there’s nothing structurally that lets them from taking
a different approach in future

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