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hello everyone and welcome back to another GTA online guide where today we’re gonna be taking a look at the avenger an osprey VTOL aircraft clone added as part of the doomsday high steel sea so let’s get right to the guide shall we so for the price of just three and a half million you’ll get your hands on an enormous aircraft that not only serves as a fashionable way to get around but also acts as an air bomb gunship as well as a utility for customizing certain vehicles as well as a workshop for customizing your weapons and upgrading them that is if you’re willing to pay the price for the extra stuff that is anyways in terms of modding the aircraft you can put all the usual smugglers run stuff on it performance upgrades handling upgrades the usual but with the Avenger you can also deck it out with two extra machine cannons to complement the one that comes with the Avenger stock when stock the Avenger comes with just one cannon mounted on the front but with two extra cannons the Avenger becomes one hell of a fighting machine but before we get ahead of ourselves let’s test out the aircraft in flight shall we so unlike the tula which is a very similar plane slash helicopter the Avenger is only able to land in VTOL mode due to the size of the propellers there isn’t enough clearance for the landing gears to be able to touch the ground without damaging the propellers on the aircraft so you’ll have to keep that in mind to avoid an embarrassing crash performance wise as expected the size of the aircraft doesn’t really serve it well in terms of acceleration speed and handling but it doesn’t need to be as this thing is a mobile fortress the Avenger can also be outfitted with bombs there’s a usual standard cluster gas and incendiary but as always I recommend just a standard variety if you want bombs at all the three cannons onboard the Avenger are controlled by one two three players if there’s just one person at the cannon controls they have the ability to switch between the three cannons at will which is very handy and if there’s more than just one gunner up to three they can all take control over a gun simultaneously the cannons themselves are very powerful similar to that of the Valkyrie paired with the Avengers in same defense and you have one hell of a bird to take down I’ll be looking forward to making an epic battle video feature in this thing but in the meantime I hope you enjoyed this short video and if you did make sure to leave a like and subscribe to the pyro game Channel four loads more videos coming to you very soon see you around everyone

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  1. This is fast for how big it is. The only thing I hate about it is that the propellers are easy to destroy. The body of the avenger take ALOT of rockets but the propellers are easy to get them down.

  2. I know the sale for thjat ADVENGEr is about to end. I did not buy it. I got a bit of time left to think about it.. I learned the hard way GTA ONLINE FUCKED UP. every time I log on I am on m,y map and or on the phone looking up stuff to buy some fucking ass hole kills me by anything that will explode. I am forever on private session. looking at this. I do not feel like buying it. I run solo I cannot fly and use the cannons at the same time.. my job is to fly the stupid thing. in PVP is stupid. when is no team to help out. you have to worry about fucking ass hole flying that over powered ROCKET CYCLE that I cannot remember its name. its got no wheels and its got a rocket engine with four tinny tinny wings on it. and cost something about $4,000,000.00. that will kill your ADVENGEr right out of the sky in two seconds even with friends helping you out firing the cannon. as a solo player buy a warehouse in medium or large is the smarter buy becuase you can buy goods to go out to steel it and bring it back.. and keep repeating that over and over to fell out the warehouse,. then sell the goods for some fast cash.. doing the selling milk run my private session some how broken down and gone on public mode with out telling me know. just when I starting to notice something is not right I cat bombed along the way from some fucking PVP ASS HOLE. and my weak work filling my warehouse get fucked. too many reports to ROCKSTAR GAMES. ROCKSTAR GAMES jail lock my loading screen there is only settings and story mode listed in my loading screen no online more. I have to start story mode then change charactor to go online

  3. The avenger is a mobile aircraft carrier with 3 Cannon's and inside is 2 workshops 1 is the car one the next one is the gun workshop and it's only on gta online.

  4. Should i not buy the avenger weapon workshop if i already have one in my terrobyte or should i buy one for convenience sakes, like when you want to customise a weaponised vehicle and a weapon at the same time

  5. The only issue I have with the Avenger is while I'm still controlling the plane as the pilot, one homing missile destroys it. I can't make this up. I have everything upgraded. Armor, counter measures etc. So are you telling me that it only takes numerous missiles whilst in hover mode or stationary WITHOUT someone as pilot???

  6. This is One of the best gta youtubers. Just watched saintsfan say that there is a gun locker in the avenger he was too stupid to notice for two whole years of playing omg

  7. Can somebody tell me how to release the chaff in the Avenger but I am using bombs to (I am ps4 player)

  8. The avenger is good for any amount of players cuz it has…. AUTOPILOT FINALLY AN AIRCRAFT WE DONT HAVE TO CONTROL ALL THE TIME

  9. You forgot to mention that both the rudders and engines are a 1 shot kill with explosives. Also there's a glitch where the Avenger can sometimes be one shot even with 100% armor that r* still hasn't fixed to this day. A flying tank is kinda useless when its creator is a lazy asshole that refuses to debug it.

  10. I want to see if Rockstar would add the B-17 Flying Fortress or the B-29 Superfortress as we have the Rustler as its a P-51D Mustang

  11. Recently my avenger has been blowing up when hit with only one rocket, is this a glitch or did they nerf it?

  12. I always wanted an osprey in GTA Online, and then I get a feckin MOC osprey. Don’t even get me started on how happy I was when I realized I got my favorite car (delorean) and aircraft in a single update.

  13. You can also have an embarrassing crass if you go into VTOL and brake too much before you manage to land, then you hit the ground too hard and blow up. It’s happened to me twice, but luckily I don’t get embarrassed, no matter what, honest…

  14. The Avenger the only VT aircraft that suits you includes
    -Auto pilot
    -4 weapons
    -cool inside interior
    Buy this motha fucka now
    Note:Requires a Facility to buy

  15. The avenger is the perfect vehicle for try hards we've even dubbed it the "k/d booster" as a joke cus the gunner can just kill until the plane goes down then the gunner just spawns safely on the ground and you can call another one…so good

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