ASUS P6T DeLuxe – X58 motherboard

Alright, guys. X58, know you’ve been waiting for it. Some more Core i7 motherboards. Today we got the P6T DeLuxe. Let me tell you, this thing is outa control. I’m super psyched. I’m thrilled. What can I say? Check this thing out. Again, X58 NorthBridge ICH10R SouthBridge is an excellent combination. It will support the new Core i7 the 920, the 940 and the 965 Extreme on the socket LGA1366. I’ll tell you what. The chipset is amazing. If you guys don’t know about it, the new X58 chipset is the NorthBridge and it has an internal memory controller that’s built into the actual processor. So, rather than having your memory controlled here, you have your memory controlled on the die, on the processor, the ICH10R SouthBridge Chip set is also an improvement. It’s a die shrunk ICH9R with a few extra features, like hot swap ability. And it gives you a ton of rate features and a ton of SATA ports. Also on this board, an exclusive that you’re not going to see anywhere, this orange? That’s a two-way SAS Port right there. You have 2 two-way SAS Ports right there. So you can pretty much throw some insane hardrives on there, if you wanna throw some 15,000RPM drives, reliable enterprise, grade server drives, they will go right there. You got 3 PCI Express 2.0 Slots, which is great. On board reset buttons. This is an amazing, amazing board. Let me go ahead and get started in it. First of all, let’s go quick tour around the board. I’m gonna show you everything. Now, right up here, that is your Socket 1366. Again, Core i7’s 920, 940 and 965 if… Let’s see if I can get in there. If you can see, all those, that’s 16 phase power. So you got 16 VRMs right there. And, you have plus 2. The plus 2 are, where are they? I’m lost, they are over here. That’s 2 phases power more, that’s for your QPI, the Quick Path Interface and for the memory controller on the chip. So that’s 18 phase power, in total. It’s 16 plus 2. If you look over here, we have six DIMMs. Six DIMMs is gonna get you up to 24 GB of DDR3, up to 2000 Mhz. Just keep in mind that you’re looking for triple channel memory on these, and they’re going to be specific kits built for this board. You can’t use any DDR3. It’s not really a big deal. The only thing is, they’re gonna be low-voltage kits. And remember, now the voltage between your memory and your CPU is going to be linked. Intel is recommending not going over 1.6 volts. So, make sure, if you’re used to your fast DDR3 on your current motherboards, you’re used to going the 2.0 and above to get the proper speed and frequencies, you’re gonna need a lot of volts. You can’t do that on these boards. You will fry your CPU. But, you do have an unlocked memory multiplier on these. If you don’t know how Core i7 works as far as over clocking, both the processor and the memory frequencies are determined by a multiplier which is multiplied, as you can guess, versus a base frequency of 133. So 133 Mhz and pretty much from there, you can multiply it, to get your memory frequency, and multiply it to get your CPU frequency. So, 133 times 25 gives you 3.2, which is the 965, that’s the 6.4 Giga transfer per second. Core i7 Extreme Process that Intel just came out with. Now, also you’ll notice on the board, lots of high end hardware, all ferrite core chokes and solid state capacitors. These are actually Fujitsu solid state capacitors. They’re rated to work at over 138 degrees centigrade. So they work very well. You have 3 PCI Express 2.0 Slots. You got 1 right here, and you got 2 right here. That’s one of the big things about this board. It is certified to run both SLI and CrossFire X. Now, you’re not going to be running triple SLI because you don’t have the space. See, these are all both very small slots. They’re right next to each other. But you can run triple CrossFire X. You can run 3-way CrossFire X. Or, you can run 2-way SLI. If you wanna get 3-way SLI, you’re gonna have to go to Asus’s next level of boards, the Rampage II Extreme, their high-end board. You also have 2 PCI 2.2 slots, and you also have this weird number right here. That’s a PCI Express X4 slot. So that’s pretty interesting. You can either put an X1 card in there, or you can put a regular PCI Express card. That’s interesting. You can do a lot with that. And I’ll tell you what. If you’re gonna run 2 PCI Express SLI video cards, you can put a third in one- a third one in there that will only run physics. And you can do that too. So you can have 2 GTX280s and an 8800 GT, right there, just to run physics, or pretty much any other single slot card that will fit in there would work. So that’s awesome. Looking over here, you have 2 SATA ports right there. And then you have another 4 right there facing the right direction. They’re not gonna get blocked off by any large video cards. And then of course, your 2 way SAS, 2 channel SAS, right there. Pretty much lets you hook up any SAS drive that you want. 15,000 RPM, 10,000 RPM, whatever you want. 2.5”, 3.5”, 3”- sorry. It’s all up to you. You can load up SAS, that is a first for consumer board. I’ve never seen that before. It’s my first. I’m very excited. I think I’m thrilled. Looking over here. Reset and power buttons are on board. So for overclockers and if you’re building the computer outside of the case it’s a great way to turn it on. You have a bunch of USB 2.0 ports and FireWire, your SPDF audio is also on board there. Look at this. This is one of the few X58 boards that still has an IDE Connector. So if you want to use a legacy hardrive, you can do that. It is a 24 pin motherboard connector right there, as you can tell. And, obviously, the cooling on this board is excellent, as you can see. It’s all copper heat pipe designed, through the south bridge, through the north bridge, all the way up to all your MOSFETs. And, I’ll tell you what. This north bridge cooler right here, it’s pretty cool. Supposedly, the way this works is the air coming off your CPU cooler, is guided through these channels on to your video card. Right through there. And it pretty much spreads the cool air all throughout the board, so that’s excellent. Also, let’s take a look at the side- the back panel connectors. Now, looking at the back panel, you can see that ASUS hasn’t really gotten rid of their legacy items, like everyone else. They did keep the ID. They also kept the PS/2. This one works for both mouse and keyboard. You have 2 USB 2.0 ports, right there. This is your S/PDIF and both analog version which is the coax and digital version which is the optical. You have an additional 6 USB 2.0 ports all over the back here. So that’s bringing the back count to 8. And you have 6 more headers on the inside. So that’s a total of, what’s that? 16 man. That’s crazy. No, I’m sorry. That’s 14. That’s still crazy. That’s a lot. Also you have FireWire, right there. And you have eSATA, which is very useful. And this is your 7.1 channel HD audio, which is an awesome on board audio, is extremely excellent. And, as you can imagine, because this is an ASUS board, you do get all those cool features that you would normally see and get from ASUS boards. This is new but is still has Express Gate, lets you boot into a Lynx based operating system, that’s on a solid state drive, on the board. You pretty much boot up at about 5 seconds, which is extremely quick. Doesn’t turn on any of the rest of the computer. An that will give you internet, it’ll give you Skype, it’ll give you Instant Messenger, it’ll let you play music. All from 5 seconds. No Vista. No XP. You just boot up right into that. You get AI NAP, AL NAP which lets you put the computer to sleep really quickly without killing any of your applications. You get fan expert. You get Q-Connectors. And the then best part of all of this, is TurboV. TurboV is overclocking from inside the operating system without rebooting the computer. Pretty much, you get to increase the voltages, control voltages for your north bridge, your CPU PLL, memory, the QPI, you can pretty much adjust all those voltages, as well as the multipliers for the CPU and for the memory, which again, is how you overclock these boards. It’s multiplier times that base 133 frequency. So that’s amazing. Right on the fly. You can literally be in the program and go from 3.2 Ghz to 3.8, like that. No rebooting, no nothing. You go straight to testing it. You load it up, and it’s stable. You’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about anything else. That’s all very amazing stuff. Let me go over what’s in the box because there is quite a bit in the box. You are fully loaded starting off with this excellent manual. You will need that. There’s a lot of neat stuff here, if you don’t know how to overclock a X58, it’s different. A nice, padded, input output shield, which is very nice. It’s labeled, which I love. It’s painted, padded, you guys hear me talk about it all the time, I love it. You do get your traditional floppy and IDE cables. And this is kinda cool. USB 2.0 and I-link FireWire, all in the back, right there, in case you wanna add more connectivity, fantastic. Check this out. This is really cool. All in one, SAS cables. So your power and your connector for your SAS are both there, and you power the drive through a molex. If you don’t have it, this’ll pretty much put power into the SAS connector. 2 of those in the box, and SATA cables, of course, 1, 2, 3, 4, there’s 6 in total. 2 of which are 90 degrees. You got your Q-fan, which is your little cooling solution for your VRMs, or for your MOSFETs actually. And pretty much, you can use this, if you’d like, from what I’ve been reading though, you probably won’t need it. And, last but not least, very important, you’re gonna get an SLI Bridge. You will notice that this is a 2 SLI Bridge, they did not include a 3 SLI Bridge. It’s not ready for 3-way SLI. But that is still okay. It is not a bad thing. SLI is a good thing. Very, Very nice. Again, the P6T Deluxe from ASUS. Whoops. The new X58 Chip Set ICH10R South Bridge with lots of great features and lots of cool connectivity. 920s, 940s, 960s, DDR3 up to 24 GB. When the 4 GB 6 come out, up to 2o00 Mhz. Insane board. Gaming, server, whatever you want. This is right up everyone’s alley. This is top notch stuff. And guess what? It’s not even that expensive. It’s pretty affordable compared, you know, it’s brand new, so, it’s a little expensive, but it’s not as crazy as you’d think. If you have any questions on it Email me. I’ll see you guys next time. The ASUS P6T Deluxe X58 Motherboard is available from the retailers listed here: And for more information you can go to their website and type in A455-2854 For ComputerTV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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97 thoughts on “ASUS P6T DeLuxe – X58 motherboard

  1. hey i need to choose between a rapmpage 2 extreme , p6t deluxe and an evga x58 tri sli…..and also am wondering what is the difference between the deluxe and the workstation series of this board…..please please help..

  2. between those 3 the p6t has the best value ( the evga one is horrible ) and for about 330 bucks you can get the gibabyte ex58 extreme which is pretty much the best board out for the time being

  3. im not sure i think it doesnt have sas port, or less sata ports… and it doest have the cooling like the one in the video..

  4. yea thats what i wanna kjnow aswell let me know if u get an answer from someone i wanna overclock to 3 ghz stock cooler thnx

  5. He doesn't really say what happens… will the motherboard die faster ? From what i herd, your cpu can fry as well ?

  6. The FUCKERS who designed this board put the last two x16 slots together on purpose. They could of switched the second x16 slot with the pci slot above it, but they didn't because then noone would buy the asus rampage 2 extreme.

  7. but i will stil buy it for my future 3x sli…when you have 3 gtx 285, air is NOT enough (or your card will run hot and its not good) just place a waterblock on them and they will be single slot…so for me, it worth the price.

  8. Try testing the components on a different pc (or just take it to a lab, pay some fee and save the headache)
    but if you get no signal + inactive usb ports then I guess you got a problem with your mobo.. (last year my mobo died and I got the same symptoms as you get now)

    and yeah, they really did that pci-e thing on purpose..

  9. You don't need the extra 9800GT for Physx, The 200 series can handle Physx withouth laggint the game, or using CPU power. So they do a good job while gaming with Physx enable.

  10. This is an old board now. Asus came out with a new exciting Motherboard which beats every single board on the market. The P6T7 WS has 7-PCI-express ports, it can be used for Tesla cards or normal graphics cards, either SLI, CROSSFIRE. The price is the only issue for now. But Think about it, 5 cards at the same time, its absolutely amazing !

  11. you can but your cpu voltage will also be 1.65, they reccommend not to go higher then 1.60 but 1.65 will work, but i dont think that that is good for your cpu but its your call

  12. hmm
    acctually the voltage doesnt cause the heat to build up its the amperage and the resistance that is blocking the current to flow freely that is what makes the most heat and probably will damage the cpu but here are many other factors involved so anything can happen 😛

  13. Yeah, but I think that's a bit high. 1.6 is pushing it, 1.65 is insane. better have some nice cooling.

  14. so i can put 2 massive GPUs in sli and a 8600GT from this pc that isnt connected to the other cards and the 8600GT will do the physics and the others do other stuff ( correct me if im wrong)

  15. My motherboard supports 24 gigs of ram.

    I think that's what your talking about, cus i dont know what a dimm is.

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  17. Nice, but I think I like the standard P6T more for it's better SLI support. Not only does it have room for three dual slot cards, but it can run in x16/x16/x4 mode vs. the Deluxe's x16/x16/x1.

    Now if only the manufacturers would ditch IDE already, friggin waste of space.

  18. you cannot … you can only put one ….. most of input device are now a day come with usb2.0 so ps/2 is old age backward compatibility … remember those printer ports … now no external printer ports

  19. i believe its around $300 but if you're gonna sli/xfire follow me and use the non-delux, then you still get some pci-e x1 for card – i need my internet 🙁

  20. when he says you can run 2 285's and have a 8800gt for physx i geuss he didnt account that your 285 will hit your 8800gt? man i like the older guy, Logan?

  21. well, I personally don't care if it looks funny being it's small, besides it's black, and so is the inside of the case I'm gonna get, so it will blend well.

    it looks like it has pretty much all of the features of a full size motherboard, except for maybe it's missing an extra PCI-E slot, but that's not a big deal.

  22. I'd be more interested in the "Rampage II Gene" because it's made for people that don't know how to overclock, lol I can just click a button, and it will do all that for me. 🙂

  23. WOW….
    Crazy MotherBoard , with tripel dual channel DDR3 Memory Slot up to 24GB , man i need to get myself 1 of those >_>

  24. my only complain is the 6 sata port, using 2 for optical drive leaves only 4 for hard disk. I would rather they replace the IDE with 4 more sata ports.

    other than that, its a great board, will be getting this for my next build

  25. haha….
    sadly , if u add 4 more then u would get 10 SATA ports , and IDE ports only exist is 2 ( which is the maximum number for a normal motherboard)
    And some people still uses Optical drives and HDD since they think IDE is better than SATA , clueless people i guess -_-

  26. if i have 4 ssd's in raid 0 and i unplug them from my motherboard to either put a new cpu cooler on or get a new motherboard will my raid still be there this is my first build so im new to this thank you

  27. whynot have 4 ?? they are getting cheaper its not like i have 4 intel ssds mine are patriot and they are in raid 0 which is wicked fast in case you didnt know

  28. ok i have this board can i upgrade my cpu to the Intel i7 980X Extreme 6 Core Gulftown 3.33GHz? can i run 3 1080p 3d ready monitors on it for 3d gaming?

  29. Yeah , out of control is the word for it , because if you don't buy asus video cards for it you're not going to get EPU compatability.

    welcome to the wonderful world of asus monopoly tactics.

  30. Oh and welcome to the world of video cards that have benchmark protection and won't allow extreme bench marking anymore.

  31. Hello, I know that for years you posted this video, today I was updating motherboard BIOS asus if PT6 now it not to call more, or to reset the bios. Sera that have as you pass me the cd ISO motherboard, so I can do the restoration.
    Thank U

  32. can you help me i have a asus p6t deluxe

    why can not I use Crucial Ballistix Sport xt 16gb 1866 CL10 ( 10-10-10-30 ) ddr3 on my system 🙁 HELP

  33. Im about to resurect my old P6T Deluxe with the 950 CPU… i remember this board having a lot of BIOS updates… compared to the significantly more reliable Gigabyte X58 EXTREME i have kept in service without a hitch 🙂

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