ASL How to Reset your Shaw Digital Cable Box to fix an issue

In many cases if you have an issue on your
Shaw Digital Cable Box, it can be easily fixed with a quick reset. This is done by disconnecting the cable box
from it’s power supply. When power is restored, the cable box will
automatically reset. To reset your cable box, locate the box near
your television. Next, identify the power cable that connects
the cable box to a wall plug or a power bar. Disconnect the power cable and wait about
30 seconds. You can confirm that the cable box has been
unplugged if there are no lights visible on the front. Then plug the power cable back into it’s original
position and allow the box a couple of minutes to reset. Keep in mind, that if you reset the cable
box while it is recording, the recording will stop and after your reset the guide listings
will show To Be Announced while it accesses the latest information. It will take up to an hour for the guide to
show current listings and up to 24 hours to see the channel listings for the next 2 weeks. For more information and additional support
please visit

1 thought on “ASL How to Reset your Shaw Digital Cable Box to fix an issue

  1. NOT HELPFUL!! Why does the TV make audio sound for a few seconds and then stop as if the mute button is pressed? The mute button is not on and the wall cable and back of modem both have been reset and it does the same thing! No sound after a few seconds and it says "to be announced" but the sound stops after it is turned on still!!

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