What is up everyone? Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m gonna be talking all
about engagement groups, engagement pods, DM groups, telegram groups, however you wanna
call it. And the reason why I’m doing this video is
because in last weeks video, I asked you guys if you guys would be interested. And a handful of you guys said, “yes”. So if you wanna learn more, then keep on watching. Now before I begin this video, today is Sunday,
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you check out the link in my comments section and in the description section below. Now with that PSA out of the way, let’s talk
about engagement groups. Now there’s different ways that you can call
it, engagement groups, engagement pods, DM groups, telegram groups, and we’ll talk about
telegram later, but what it basically is is that it is a group of Instagram users who
are committed to liking each other’s photos, commenting on each other’s photos, basically
engaging in each other’s photos, in hopes to crack the algorithm and also get more engagement. And what exactly I mean by cracking the algorithm,
it’s basically the idea that within the first 30 minutes of posting, Instagram really monitors
the amount of activity happening within that time frame. And if your photos are producing a lot of
engagement, meaning that there’s a lot of comments, a lot of likes, a lot of shares,
then it will increase the chances of your posts showing up on the news feed, and also
showing up in the explore page as well. And this is where engagement groups come into
play. If I’m in an engagement group or a DM group,
and let’s say there’s about 10 people in it. Every time that I’m gonna post a new piece
of content, I’m going to notify the members of that group and tell them. Then what’s gonna happen is all those members
in that group are going to visit my page and start commenting, start liking, start producing
all this engagement so that it looks like a lot of activity is happening within those
first 30 minutes. Now, unlike buying comments or buying likes,
one of the biggest pros of using engagement groups is that these people are real. They aren’t fake. These are real accounts that are giving you
real engagement. However, there are a lot of cons that you
need to be aware of when you are considering joining an engagement group. Now, to be completely transparent with you
guys, I used to use DM groups and engagement pods. Back then, when I was in the beauty niche,
and yes, I know a lot of you guys probably didn’t know this, and if you want a video
on how to switch niches, then let me know by liking this video and just commenting below. But anyways yes, I used to be in engagement
groups. And there were actually a lot of cons that
came with being a part of that group. And I’m going to explain to you exactly why. Now, the first thing that you wanna be aware
of, especially if you’re considering joining these DM groups, is that Instagram is really
starting to crack down on this behavior. Two to three years ago, DM groups were definitely
the hot topic. And it was actually a very super useful tactic
and effective tactic to get more engagement and rank higher on the algorithm. However, over time, Instagram has really caught
on to this type of behavior. And now Instagram really knows where your
engagement is coming from. So let’s say you share your post to a certain
group. Well what you don’t know is that when you
share that post, within the link of the post that you’re sharing, there is a referral link
that’s going to tell Instagram where that traffic is coming from. So if Instagram can see that periodically
the same person is coming to your post from the same DM group, they’re gonna really know
that you are indeed using an engagement pod, and cheating the system. And very similar to buying likes, buying engagement,
and all that stuff, if you’re trying to cheat the system, and Instagram finds out, you risk
lowering the reach of your account because Instagram will punish you for that. Now to work around this problem, a lot of
people thought that well okay, if I’m doing a DM group in Instagram, then obviously Instagram
will find out. So that’s why a lot of people have moved to
other platforms, like Telegram, What’s App, or any other external platform in order to
create these engagement pods. Not only are people moving to apps like Telegram
or What’s App because of the whole tracking thing, but also because groups like Telegram
and What’s App actually are able to have way more people in a DM group. On Instagram, the maximum amount of people
that can be in a DM group is 15. However, on a platform like Telegram, it could
be upwards to 100,000. But still, what people fail to realize is
that regardless if you’re going on another platform, you just sharing your post is already
tracking information and Instagram will obviously still find out where that traffic is coming
from. So regardless, if your DM group or your engagement
pod is on Instagram or outside of Instagram, Instagram will still have a way of finding
out if you are cheating the system. The second thing that you wanna be aware of
before you join a DM group, or an engagement pod is that it’s super high maintenance. And this is the main reason why I stopped
using them. Now what I mean by this is that a lot of times
these DM groups have set rules that you need to follow. Of course, there are different types of groups
that exist, for instance on one end of the spectrum, there are groups that have absolutely
no structure and you can just drop your links and pray for the best and hope that people
engage. I don’t really recommend that you join those
groups because most times in those groups there is not fair value exchange. And that there’s a lot of leachers. And at the end of the day, it’s just people
dropping links and you get zero results at all. However, on the other side of the spectrum,
there are highly organized Telegram groups that exist where people actually have multiple
rounds during the day and it’s like at specific times and only a limited amount of people
can do it, and if you don’t engage by x amount of time then you’re kicked out of the group
and it’s this highly organized thing to crack the system. Those are definitely a lot harder to get into. But I just wanted to share with you that there
are different types of groups that exist and what you really want to be aware of is that
if you want results, then you really gotta put in the work. And not only this, is that when you join these
DM groups, people aren’t here to be friends. They’re here to grow their accounts. And what I mean by this is that everyone in
these DM groups, have a common goal. It’s quite transactional. Unless your DM group or engagement pod is
with you and a bunch of friends, or a bunch of people in your niche that you’re genuinely
friendly with and you’re actually interested in their content, people are really going
to call you out if you do not engage in their posts. For instance, there are some groups where
you literally have to like every single person’s post and comment specific things maybe, or
comment something in order for them to do the same thing for you, and of course, that’s
fair. However, it is really time consuming, and
if you don’t follow the rules, you will get called out. Or, worse yet, you might even get kicked out. And this really leads me to the third reason
why I stopped using engagement pods or engagement groups. And that is, is that as a long term strategy,
engagement groups do no work. I understand that it’s trying to get you a
boost in the algorithm and do whatever you need in the short run, however, in the long
run, if you are trying to build an authentic following and actually have people that genuinely
like your content, it doesn’t make sense to build your account on the backbone of just
engagement groups. It’s kinda like having a business and having
fake customers. It just simply doesn’t make sense. However, if you still do want to pursue engagement
groups, let me tell you exactly what you need to do, to do it the right way. Now one of the main ways to make engagement
groups a little bit more enjoyable, is make sure that the people in your group are your
actual friends or people that you genuinely care about. Not only this, also make sure that the people
that are in this group are in the same niche as you. That’s going to increase the amount of genuine
interest in each others content. Not only this, it’s also going to help you
gain more traction from people within your niche. What I mean by this is that if you were commenting
on your friend’s photo, and she’s in the same niche as you, let’s say you guys are both
in beauty. Well, her audience, who also is interested
in beauty is going to see your comments and potentially follow you, because you share
a similar niche. This is the number one way to make sure that
your engagement group is actually going to be somewhat effective. Not only this, to combat the issue of Instagram
being able to tell where your traffic is coming from, and seeing patterns of this, what you
can do is that if you’re genuinely friends with these people that are within your niche,
why not start your own group, you know, outside of Instagram, and instead of sharing the exact
link to your post, just simply update them and say, hey, I posted something new. Hope you guys like it and check it out. By the way, how’s your day going? Actually creating real friendships, that’s
the most organic way that you can possibly use these engagement pods. And instead of looking at this group as a
simple transactional piece, try to form a real relationships with these people. Actually form connections. Collaborate with them. Have this network of people within your niche
that are your homies. That way it doesn’t feel sleazy. It doesn’t feel pushy. And it doesn’t feel annoying. It genuinely feels authentic and real. Now if your looking for other ways to build
an authentic following, make sure you check out these videos right here. And don’t forget that I will be hosting free
Instagram masterclasses. So definitely make sure that you check out
the link in my comment section, and in my bio because they’re happening literally this
week, if you’re watching this video the day that it was published. Anyways guys, I hope you guys have a great
day, a great week, and a great life. And I cannot wait to see you at my free masterclasses. Bye guys.

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