Annoying Orange – Internet Slang Challenge!

– Hello and good morrow, fruit lovers. It is I, Grapefruit. Today Grandpa Lemon and I are doing the Internet Slang Challenge. You ready for this, old-timer? – As the kids would say, yes, indeedily-do. (laughs) – Yeah, pretty sure no kids say that. – Really? Why, when I was a youngster, yes, indeedily-do was the cat’s pajamas. – Oh, wow. This is gonna be a slaughter. Here are the rules. One of us will pull a card, and the other has to
correctly guess what it means. Pretty simple, right? (Grandpa snores) Right, Grandpa Lemon? – Hmm, how, and what, what? – Not the best time to take a nap, okay? We’re doing a challenge video. – Well, feels like the perfect time to catch up on my sleep. I’m gonna be exhausted
from all the winning I’m about to do. (Grandpa laughs) – Okay, sure, here we go. First internet slang term is an easy one. L-O-L. (Grandpa hmms) You’ve never heard this one before? – No, but I’ll figure it out. Kids today say it all the time, right? – Right. – Okay, so I’m gonna venture a guess. L-O-L stands for, hmm, leaping on lizards. – (laughing) Leaping on lizards? That’s your guess? – Oh, don’t leave me in suspense. Did I get it or not? – Well, let’s check the back of the card, which shows that it actually stands for (yelling) leaping on lizards? – Huzzah, I win! Haha. This calls for a celebration nap. – No, no celebration nap! This has to be a misprint. L-O-L stands for laughing out loud! – Oh, well, hey. I feel like leaping on lizards is way more useful. I like mine more. – (yelling) How is leaping
on lizards useful in any way? – Why, leaping on lizards was our favorite pastime back in the day. I figure kids today can’t be too different from the way we were. So they must be saying it
to each other all the time! – We are so moving on right now. – Okily dokily. Looks like the next card is biff. – It’s an acronym, Grandpa Lemon. You say B-F-F, and it stands for best friends forever. – Well, that’s not what
the back of the card says. – You’re not wearing your glasses. Give it here. See, it says, “Best”– (buzzer sounds) What the? Why is it just a picture
of a butt farting? – See, I told you. It’s pronounced biff. That’s the noise your butt makes when it– – I know what noise a butt makes. Honestly, who made these cards? This challenge is an absolute farce. – I’m having fun. Let’s do another! – Fine, yolo. Let’s see if you can
crack that brain buster. – Hmm. It’s something the kids
are saying today, right? – For the last time, yes. These are all contemporary
phrases used on the internet. – All righty. I’m gonna go with it. Yodeling on lizards (yodels). (Grapefruit sighs) – What is it with you and lizards? Why do you think kids
today are into lizards, let alone yodeling? Do you honestly believe
the back of this card says. (yelling) Are you kidding me right now? (Grandpa laughs) – I win again! This calls for a yodel! – (yelling) There will be
no celebratory yodeling! – That’s fine. I’ll settle for a nap. (Grandpa snores) – (growls) I cannot believe I am losing the internet slang challenge
to a gayvil like you. – Had enough, Grapefruit? Or are you thirsty for more? – No, I’m not quitting. Give me one more try! I gotta at least get on the board. – Well, then. Here you go. F-M-L. – Oh, oh, oh wow. I thought this was a G-rated family show. I’m well aware of what
this acronym stands for. Uh, wait, wait, wait. Whoever made these cards doesn’t know what they’re talking about. If I’m gonna get on the board, I have to think like Grandpa Lemon. – I think about the war a lot. Does that help? – It does not. Okay, then. F-M-L. I’m gonna go with find my lizards. – Is that your final answer? – Yes, wait, no. Wait, yes! – I’m sorry. You’re wrong. (buzzer sounds)
– I lost again? Talk about F-M-L. So what does it stand for then? – 40 maniacal lizards! That’s gotta be what it is. – Oh, yes. 40 maniacal lizards. The hit phrase racing across the internet. – No, 40 maniacal lizards! – Huh? (Grapefruit screams) – You’re doing it! You’re riding a lizard! – Okay, this is actually pretty fun. I can see why the kids are into it. – For a real good time, let out a celebratory yodel or two. – Yeah, I’m not, I’m not gonna do that. (upbeat playful music)

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