Albion Online – Queen Update – How Is It In 2020?

Today we’re going to be going to be taking
a look at Albion Online and their new update which is the largest update the game haas
received to date. I covered a preview about the patch a few
weeks ago, said I’d come and check out the patch launch and here I am. This video is very kindly sponsored by Sandbox
Interactive, the developers of Albion Online. So I’m going to assume you don’t know what
Albion is, I know most of you will be aware but let’s do a quick rundown. Albion Online is a fantasy sandbox MMORPG
which focuses on the actual sandbox. Player driven economy, guild versus guild,
politics, alliances, wars, territory control, full loot pvp, risk and reward. On the flip side of all those hardcore features,
you can just play as a gatherer, fisher, crafter, or choose to engage in pvp without the risk
of losing gear in the various zones of albion the pvp rules are different depending where
you are. Albion is also cross platform , mobile, tablet
and pc. Now for the Queen update, what are the new
big features? Outlands which is the large pvp focused landmass,
the most hardcore portion of the game, has been reworked. They’ve done this in a way to promote guilds
to live out of there and create local hotspots of conflict for better minute to minute gameplay
for the guilds that want to focus on the hardcore pvp aspect. They’ve achieved this by adding the next big
feature, known as the hidehouse. Which are underground bunkers a guild can
place in the open world which then becomes a large base system they can then live out
of in any zone that allows the construction. This allows for even small guilds to go live
out of these areas where before you would need a large guild to hold territories. This is probably my favourite feature they
have ever implemented, on paper at least. They have also shifted the previously 5v5
territory control system to a full on, open world siege system which allows for more sandbox
gameplay and more inclusion within guilds and alliances. Elite 20 man raid dungeons, a new 5v5 seasonal
competitive pvp system and improvements to anti zerg mechanics plus more. So that’s what the game is, what they’ve added
and now what are my thoughts and how did I enjoy my most recent playtime in Albion…Which
I should note, I’m not an expert in the game but I have played on and off since alpha in
2014. I say that to say this, at this point I’ve
played Albion at least briefly during almost every major patch , so I’ve seen the game
progress from early alpha to now. Spoiler alert, the game is better now than
it has ever been and it’s almost unrecogniseable how much better it actually is. I didn’t want to start a new character this
time around so I just used one that I used when the gaame went f2p but I did change my
weapon and went for a brimstone staff. I was looking for a guild that would take
me in and show me around but unfortunately I didn’t get out into the black zones much,
only once actually where I died promtly. I did however do a bunch of expeditions, some
random dungeons with a pick up group and multiple hours of 5v5 arena pugs. First thing I have to say is how easy it is
to actually get fame now at least to the point where I felt like I was happy with my gear
and could adequetly compete. I already had some progression on this character
but I did swap weapons so I had to grind up from 0 on a staff character to tier 6 and
it took me no more than a couple of hours running random dungeons in yellow zones which
is very low risk. This is somewhere that the game has improved
massively just right off the bat. It’s very easy to tell that they’ve tweaked
pve difficulty or maybe our group was bad. We actually died on trash pack pulls in the
random dungeons, we full on wiped on a boss and we were all over geared for the dungeon
by quite a lot. This was actually a fun change of pace and
kept me in the groups doing the dungeons longer than they did last time I tried them about
a year ago. The other thing that’s super easy to notice
is just how much more interactive and better the combat is now. Albion is a game that at launch I had my hangups
about the simple moba style combat, very few buttons and room for outplay. There’s actually tools in the kits now at
least from what I can tell that allow you to do more stuff, like it’s not more buttons,
but it’s more room for you to shine and make choices. An example of this is, on brimstone staff,
I have a choice of 2 spells on my q ability, a bunch of spells on my w and then just the
one on my E which is a massively powerful meteor spell, also extremely hard to hit people
with due to them moving and it having a large cast time. This is obviously the game changer if you
land that on a group it pretty much takes a third to half of their hp and micro knockbacks
them. Well I wasn’t landing it much in pvp because
it’s slow, so I put on an ability from an armor piece to give me reduced casting time
for a few seconds. This allowed me to go from doing moderately
decent in the 5v5 arena games I was playing to being an absolute beast. Okay maybe not a beast but I was killing a
ton more people and winning a lot. Mostly just getting my dots up on the enemy
healer, waiting until he started healing someone else and then dropping my meteor on him as
well as a burst from my W ability and as soon as you have a healer and the enemy doesnt,
you pretty much just win. So just on that point alone, Albion is a more
sticky game for me. As in easier to stick to and play, because
my only legitmate hangup about Albion ever was the super simple combat. It seems now with how many weapons are in
the game and how varied they are, each of them having pros, cons, a playstyle as well
as options to alter that playstyle…It’s just better as a combat system in every single
way. Watching these arena games and other pvp videos
on youtube, you just see the co-ordination possibilities and outplay potential for good
groups to win against overwhelming numbers. Albion struggled I believe for a while in
regards to zergs being too powerful and it seems with the combat the game now has, much
more powerful abilities and builds that you can focus on for big fights, the ability to
just at any time change your equipment to go do something else like builds for small
or medium fights. It’s just in a better place than ever before
in regards to this. These are the very foundational things that
make a sandbox game work well and it would appear at least from my perspective that they’ve
pretty much locked down the strengths of the game and worked really hard on making them
compliment each other. The ability for small groups to outplay large
ones, the open world sieges and the hideouts all combine to make compelling gameplay and
player choice for almost everyone interested in the end game. One thing I always said they should incorporate
into Albion is the ability for people to practice and improve in pvp in meaningful ways as a
small group without risking much. They’ve actually got a really good system
now which I’d love to see improved on in the future. The new Crystal League basically works by
having you purchase a token which starts at level 1 and then signing up with your 5 man
group to battles that are at set times each day for each token level, you basically play
a 5v5 battle, winners stone upgrades to the next level, loser stone vanishes and the higher
you get the more rewards and prestige there is, with a final battle at the top levels
for who is the big dog. For me, I love this system, think it’s a great
incentive to play even if you’re not a hardcore pvp group as it allows you to manage your
risk and improve together. Then you have the normal 5v5 arena to practice
in also, as a group or a solo player which I appreciate a lot as someone who wanted to
pvp but didn’t want to find strangers to play with at the drop of a hat and go open world. One thing I would definitely suggest for anyone
wanting to play, join a guild as soon as possible but also make sure the guild actually plays
the game together and does stuff. This is a game that is best enjoyed in a group
or a guild that can show you the ropes, support you and give you opportunities to engage in
the areas of the game outside of your comfort zone. Albion is a game that now you could reliably
play it in towns and still get a taste for what the game has to offer but the best content,
the conent that will keep you coming back is out in the world for you to compete with
other players in. If you’re someone who has tried albion anytime
in the past, now is a great time to give it another try and see if any of your previous
hang ups have been addressed, for me I know mine have. If you’ve never tried Albion, it’s free to
play, you have no reason not to. Click the link in the video description and
give it a try. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
comment, subscribe, play with my bell. Join discord, follow me on twitter for updates,
and Shoutout to the membership squad, I’ll have
the new end screen done next week. Love you guys. See you on the next one, PEACE!

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