Alana Blanchard Oahu Surfing & Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: Surfer Girl, Ep 201

(Phone ringing) Hello! This is Amen, Hello Amen, it’s Alana. Alana, how are you? Good! How are you? I am good! Welcome back to US. Thank you! Well, first of all.. what are you doing November 13 and
14? Will you be cool for a photo shoot? in Las Vegas of the magazines? Yeah! With who? Because…
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition wanted to use you. on the 2013 issue. Really? Yeah, that’s excited! hahaha! You’re going to be in the MOST viewed magazine in
this planet. Yeah, that’s zig! That’s so exciting! That’s huge! Let’s go in Vegas! Let’s go! Hahaha! (Phong ringing) Hi! Hey! How are you? Good!
So, how’s the bikinis coming in? Raquel, got to make me special bikinis for the shoot.
And everyone, the whole team was just so happy. And it was just such an exciting thing. It’s
so cute, right?! Yeah, I love it! To have a request in the Swimsuit edition,is just amazing and
I can’t wait for it to come out. ‘Coz it’s so cute. Thank you so much Raq! Bye! Haha! Going to Vegas for the shoot was pretty nerve rockin’ actually. Just because
I always like “Oh, I don’t know if they’re gonna like me.” Or I don’t know, just stuff like that going through my head. For the shoot they ended up sending me to
Las Vegas which I was really excited about. Just because I’ve never been to Las Vegas. Being in the swimsuit issue is pretty crazy because it’s kind a
of just a childhood dream that I’ve always thought about. And, I never really actually I was going to be in it. Working with all the assigned people, it was just amazing
all together and ‘coz though over the moon about. Being about being part of it. After the said shoot, I pretty much went
straight to the North shore of Oahu That’s kind a where everyone goes in the surfing industry just
because the waves are good, it’s sunny, it’s beautiful! And I always just so lucky to … have as
a house right on the sunset beach And all my friends are there Every winter, we come to the North shore of Oahu til like
surf and photos and hang out with the sponsors. to some of the contests so we’re really excited to all
being in a house together. To be in Oahu. And there’s a lot of fun things going on right now. Yeah! This is a pretty much a prime spot.
We’re so so tired right now. We’re gonna surf … right now, it’s not the best weather, I think somewhat… The skies like it’s always so intimidating for some reason. Everyone’s out and watching. Where’s the … room? There’s expecting something. When you first get to Oahu, it’s definetely a little nerve racking It’s because everyone is just here, especially during
the sign of November and December. The triple counts going on and on…There’s literally 20 photographers
on the beach at all time. It’s crazy! Even just going out today, in the back of mind, “Oh
my God! I wanna get like a big flip. And then I kind as a littler bit
a stressed and someone’s gets a little intimidating. I guess you just kind of block that up,
you know ave fun with it.

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