100 thoughts on “Alana Blanchard Hawaii Surfing & Vans Triple Crown of Surf, Ep 202

  1. Wont play on any device or computer for me. Plays up til Alana saying "girls dont have a contest anymore" then says playback error? 🙁

  2. hahahaha. "I made the webisode! yahhh! you never hug me but I'm in the webisode" hahaha. And there you go….thats hilarious. Gotta love C-bass. Everyone will know him more for being friends with Alana and in this video, than his surfing. Thats so unfortunate, the kid is seriously gifted and hilarious!

  3. Its my dream to surf. I have family in great spots all around california, mexico, and japan but im stuck in connecticut. :/

  4. @ZeuSal IN GENERAL: surfers are scored by a panel of judges on each wave. Scale of 1-10.0 per ride. The best 2 waves are counted in your overall score. The surfer with the highest heat total advances.

  5. @XxdementedDollXx lookout for Alana competing on the 2013 Women's ASP world tour! First event kicks off on the Gold Coast, Australia this weekend and next week!

  6. i really dislike how people like her say those ''guys's!'' …you only need to say guys instead …guys is single and can be plural as well …
    otherwise it sounds like they are saying geizers, which is actually a big blow hole.
    (no further comment on that, lol)

  7. @Tabbytalley there is a women's professional series of surf events known as the ASP World Tour. The first event kicks off this next week on the Gold Coast of Australia! Look out for Alana competing with the best women surfers in the world!

  8. @Ryan Kim you can check out most professional surfing events through live webcasts online. The title sponsor of the event will usually host the webcast. You can view the 2013 tour schedule on the ASP website!

  9. Thank you for this info. The ladies at JukinVideo were asking the same question. Who are the top ranked females besides Alana?

  10. how does surfing contests work? Just really curious. the waves are different one way or another all the time so… wondering how these contests work 🙂

  11. Love this show! Love Surfing, and Alana. Surfing needs even more attention. This show should be on TV but hey, network A, we like what your doing, keep it up!

  12. wonder why theres no girls contests but sponsers love to exploit women professional surfers instead ?? not fair but who cares right smh

  13. everytime i see a bunch if surfer girls paddling out with their hair hanging loose, i just think they look like a group of mermaids.
    half the time i HAVE to pull my hair back and out of my face when i surf. i dont always like it in my face

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