AirPods Pro Review // Transparency Mode Perfected!

So here it is AirPods Pro announced a couple
of days ago, released today and if you’re curious on how they compared to previous AirPods
or just like other headphones in general, hopefully this video will help with that! BUT on first glance you can tell there are
some differences with the case itself. With the previous generation you had a smaller
case the new one is still quite small, but it’s a bit wider, a little bit thicker and
not as tall. The actual AirPod design is different as well. With the original AirPods 2, you have a longer
stem. The new ones cut the stem off but increase
the size of the AirPod itself like the top portion of it. Battery life remains the same as the regular
AirPods 2. 5 hours of use before needing to charge 4
to 4 and a half, if you use active noise cancellation. The case itself can be charged wirelessly
or using a lightning cable and the case will give you about 24 hours of use before that
needs to be charged as well. Now just like the AirPods 2, you have the
H1 chip embedded inside of the device, which means when you open up the case, it’s automatically
going to be detected by your phone and start the pairing process. All you have to do is press connect. The phone will connect to your new AirPods
Pro and then it’ll display a bunch of media control tutorials. So you can figure out how to use this device. Now to control the AirPods, it’s a bit different
than the previous generation. The previous generation, there was a lot of
taps to make things happen, this one is all squeezes now. To make the song pause or play you have to
squeeze the bottom and what you’ll hear in your ear is a little click. It’s kind of like milking a cow. You just press the bottom of the stem and
it’ll pause or play. If you want to go to the next track, it’s
the same idea, you’ll tap twice or press twice. And if you want to go to the previous track,
you do it three times. Now I’ll be honest with you, It does require
a bit of pressure to make it happen. It’s not as flluid as the previous AirPods,
where you simply tapped. It’s definitely gonna take some getting used
too but you do get a lot more features with these AirPods. For example, if you want to activate noise
cancellation, you can either do it by long pressing on the side of your AirPod Pro or
going into the volume controls in the control center and doing it manually there. So right now, I have noise cancellation on
so outside of me is blocked. I’m sorry if I’m yelling, you can turn it
off, which means nothing is happening. No noise cancelation or no transparency mode. Now transparency mode, is a big deal because
I’ve used tons of headphones with ambient noise which basically allows you to hear your
environment by amplifying the microphones by bringing the sound into them. And it does the job but they usually sound
really bad. Apple has done one of the best jobs with their
ambient noise control or transparency. It just sounds significantly more natural. The other thing to note is that if you don’t
like things sticking in your ear these will. You will feel them but it’s not nearly as
aggressive as something like the Sennheiser truly wireless momentums when they go inside
of your ear canal. On top of that, I find with most earbuds when
they have to go inside is that they cause such a tight seal around your ear that you
can start hearing things you shouldn’t want to hear. For example, you can hear yourself breathing. You can hear yourself walking and that’s because
the seal is so tight that no air is getting through. So what Apple has done is they created these
little vents on the side of the stem and on top of the AirPod Pro. This allows air to pass through so you don’t
hear your heart beating. You don’t hear yourself walking which is a
lot more natural than let’s say earbuds that completely block all the noise. Hey, so I’m calling you right now from the
AirPods Pro. How do I sound? Do I sound like Justin Bieber? Doing his best song for the entire year? Actually, I probably sound better don’t I? Sounds clear? You can hear me? Okay and I can hear you. Good! You sound clean as well. It does, It sounds, she said it sounds like
I’m talking on the phone. Okay, perfect. I no longer need your services. Have a great day. Goodbye! Now the big question, how is the noise cancellation
compared to the competition? Now, I’ve never used truly wireless earbuds
with active noise cancellation. I have to say these do a remarkable job. Is it better than something like the Beats
Solo Pro or the Sony over the ear headphones? Or even the Jabra 85H’s? No they’re not, but they do such a good job! Like today, I was on top of a building and
all you could hear was traffic and it blocked out I’d say about 90% of it but a little bit
was still getting through. So if you’re planning to take these on an
airplane they will block out the majority of the noise. So this brings me to audio quality, how do
they sound compared to the previous generation AirPods? Do they sound great in general which headphones
on the table does the best job. I’ll be honest with you, audio is very very
subjective, but this is what I discovered listening to all of these headphones. If you want a vibrant punchy sound you definitely
want to go with the Powerbeats Pro or the Beats Solo Pro. If you want like the best balance with a little
bit of vibrancy, I would go with the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones. I find these ones offer the best balance of
sound but I don’t like the way they feel in my ear with the Sennheisers. I’ll wear them for an hour and then I’ll
just get a lot of ear fatigue because they have to go really deep inside of your canal
for that passive noise cancellation. Now the AirPods 2 and the AirPods Pro have
a very similar sound spectrum. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference in
terms of sound quality between both of these devices. If you’re in a quiet room, they sound a lot
of like? a lot of like, a lot alike. As soon as you move away into noise the AirPods
Pro excel over the AirPods 2, because you can block out that environment. And for those of you asking if it works with
Android it does. You can use the same functions to pause, play,
skip a track and to go back and I was kind of worried that it wouldn’t work with noise
cancellation, but it does noise cancelation still works on Android. All you have to do is the same thing you would
do on the iPhone long press the right stem or the bottom tip of the AirPod Pro and it
will turn on noise cancelation, or it will turn it off. So anyways that wraps up my review on the
AirPods Pro. I think they’re a nice addition to Apple’s
headphone lineup.They kind of touch every single area, you got the noise cancellation,
you have a better fit. Now you have the same battery life and it’s
still in a portable form factor. If you have a question about any of these
devices on which one you should personally pick up feel free to let me know in the comments
below or hop on my discord server! Like the video if you liked it, subscribe
if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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