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Are you tired of being catcalled on the street? Yes! Are you annoyed by random stags at nightclubs? Yes! Are you a modern woman who needs a modern form of harassment? Yes! So get yourself Online Harassment! Harass Her Ass! Hello friends! I’m Pat! And I’m Mar- And today we have for you a product called Online Harassment! A revolutionary new product that brings a rain of abuse to your fast-paced lifestyle 24×7! That too in the comfort of your home! Wow! That’s amazing! That’s amazing! Made with the latest IT Technology of the internet that connects a network of hate directly to your personal device Be it inbox, Messenger, your public wall, or SMS Online Harassment will Harass! Her Ass! So why wait? Order right now! This is a modern pornography viewing screen where you get many internet channels and with the press of a button You’re online! We make an account, like so Post an opinion and voila, the harassment has started! I don’t know Pat, This is just a comment, not quite the same as being called a “whore” walking down the street Oh? Janice, may I ask, how many people harass you in a day on average? I’d say, two or three? With Online Harassment thousands harass you daily! See yourself! Somebody wants to kill my mother! That’s not it Jemima, Does your normal Harassment fit right in your purse? But Pat, I’m a quiet sort of a person, I don’t rant or share opinions about anything What can Online Harassment do for me? No need to worry, Samantha! For Online Harassment you only need a woman, not her opinions Astounding! But that’s not all! Made with the wonders of Modern Science and Ancient Sensibilties Online Harassment comes in 6 exciting options- and posting your address online and saying that they’ll murder you And if you call right now, we’ll throw in Rape Threat Absolutely Free! Online Harassment Say Bye-bye to safe spaces! But Pat, What if someone complains to the poli- Don’t worry about the police, Meredith! Online Harassment comes along with a special cyber crime cell, which is woefully ill equipped! Because any constable can catch a roadside creep But Online Harassers? Hahaha! No chance buddy! I can’t believe it! You’ll have to Elizabeth, or we will Harass Her Ass! But don’t just believe me! Listen to what our satisfied customers have to say I am Bhabhi hot pics To be friends with me dial 9765432 For-Sex But Pat! I never said any of that! In fact, I haven’t even been online! I know, Lillian, But for Online Harassment, you don’t even need to! We’ll take your photos and run your account ourselves! But these pictures… Your boyfriend, himself, shared them! Oh my god Pat, I’m practically drooling! Is this a dream? This ain’t no dream Joanne, this is Online Harassment! So Harass! Her Ass! Harass! Her Ass! Harass! Her Ass! Harass! Her Ass! Join us! Her Ass! Everybody! Her Ass! Together now! Louder! Online Harassment, Harass Her Ass is available anytime, anywhere for women of all ages sizes and complexions Contact your nearest internet troll for more details Thanks Online Harassment! Thank you Online Harassment! I need that dick! Online Harassment does not include elbowing, pinching ass, smelling hair, feeling up, brushing up, pushing, staring, ogling, pinching, taking pictures, recording videos, shouting “Check her out!” giving roses, quoting double meaning verses, giving a lift, checking the back mirror, and secretly clicking her picture during a selfie

25 thoughts on “AIB : Online Harrasment, Order Now!

  1. That’s Amazing (Varun Grover) 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣 harass her ass ! This is freakin hilarious 😂

  2. a lots of different social topics covered with sarcasm. Thats AIB level bitch! 💕 And pity for those kids who got offended by this.

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