Aerobic Granular Sludge (AGS) Technology for Wastewater Treatment – Online Course Introduction

The treatment of wastewater
has been revolutionised in the last decade by the introduction of Aerobic
Granular Sludge – AGS technology. It’s a technology that
brings significant benefits – reduction in footprint, lower investment costs,
less energy use and chemical consumption. It also delivers improved
environmental compliance and robustness, compared with
traditional wastewater treatment technologies. In this TU Delft course,
you will discover how AGS technology works, understand its underlying processes and learn how to implement
AGS in your own situation. You’ll make a VR visit to
a functioning AGS treatment plant. You will hear about the latest
developments from the inventors themselves. You will discover how to make operational
calculations and design your own treatment plant. Benefit from the experience of operators,
policymakers and innovators from water authorities. All this and you get a professional education
certificate at the same time! The course is 100% online: study at
the time and place that suits you. Sign up now!

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