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Hi, I’m Katie and welcome to Plusnet Help.
This is a quick and simple video to guide you through how to change the settings on
your Hub One router. We’ll go through the whole process, but check
out the description below for a handy breakdown. This means you can skip straight ahead to
the section you want. Also, for any data conscious viewers, make
sure you choose a lower quality setting, for example 480p. Wireless settings. Your Plusnet Hub One router uses smart WiFi
to connect to the best signal on either the 2.4 or 5GHz band. This depends on what your
device supports or how far away from the router. The 5GHz band provides a shorter
range but a faster speed. However, not all devices are able to connect to it. Changing the Wireless name. You may want to change the name of your wireless
connection, or change the name of the different wireless frequencies. To do so is very easy.
Please bear in mind that changing both bands to different names will mean you’ll have to
connect to them both separately. Once you are connected to the router, either
wirelessly or via ethernet, please open up your web browser.
If you go to it will bring up your Hub One home page.
Now you are logged into your router, if you click on “Advanced Settings” at the top, you
will then be asked for your admin password. You will find your admin password on the bottom
of the router or on the easy reference card. Enter this and click ok.
If you click on continue to advance settings you will now be able to make changes.
Please click on ‘wireless’ in the top left, and you will be presented with all configurable
wireless options. You will see at the top you have a 2.4GHz
button and a 5GHz button. Please make sure you select the right band.
In either band, if you want to change the name of your Hub One wireless signal, type
the new name into the SSID box and click apply at the bottom. This will save your new wireless
name. Don’t forget you will need to reconnect to
the WiFi, once you have changed the wireless name.
If you choose different names for each of the wireless bands, these will appear separately
in the list Changing the wireless password. To change the wireless password we need to follow the same initial steps,
Go to on your browser, click advanced settings, enter your admin password
from the bottom of the router and then select which wireless band you would like to update. Once you have chosen your band, if you click on the text in the wireless key box and delete
it, you can now enter in your own password. Please remember this must be a minimum of
8 characters and a maximum of 63. You can use letters, numbers and punctuation and our
handy strength bar will tell you just how secure your password is. Once you have typed in your new password, click apply and this will save your new wireless
password. Don’t forget you will need to reconnect to
the WiFi once you have changed the wireless password. Reset Wireless settings. If you want to change any of the original
wireless settings back to the default. First go to the ‘Advanced tab’ and then
click on the ‘reset wireless settings’. From there, you just confirm you wish to go
ahead. And that’s it! You now know how to change
the settings on your Hub One router. If you’d like more information, you can see
our other help videos, chat with us online at, or give us a call.

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