Ad Bytes 1.3 – Device Targeting Setup in Google Ads, by The Spectrum Group Online, LLC

Hi! Welcome to Ad Bytes by the Spectrum Group Online. In this series of short videos, we are showing you how to make the most of your AdWords account. Last time, we talked about Ad Scheduling. Today, we are focusing on Device Targeting. In Google AdWords you can select the devices that your ads are shown on. This means that you can focus your ads on specific devices – mobile, desktop, or tablet – and even different operating systems. Being able to create specific ads for specific platforms lets you increase, or decrease, the bids separately, drive them (your audiences) to different landing pages or CTAs, or create totally different ads. For example, imagine you sell handbags online, and 60% of your customers come from mobile. Additionally, you’ve also noticed that the number of buyers from mobile is growing faster than those on other devices. With the hope of growing your customer base faster, you decide to set up a 25% bid increase for mobile phones. To target devices, first sign into your
AdWords account. From the page menu on the left, click “Devices”. Select the type of device you’d like to adjust, and click “Edit”, then click “Change bid adjustments”. If you don’t want to show your ads from this campaign on a specific device type, simply decrease your bid by 100%. Then, click “Apply” to save your changes. You can also change your bid adjustments directly from the table here. Simply click on the current bid adjustment, then choose “Increase” or “Decrease,” and type in your new bid adjustment. You can also use device targeting with Display campaigns. In addition to device types and operating systems, Display campaigns will allow you to target specific device models, carriers and wireless networks, as well as ad inventory, meaning space where publishers allow ads to run. Some of these advanced mobile and tablet options aren’t available for other campaign types. Attention – to target device models, carriers, networks and ad inventory, you’ll need to do some setup elsewhere. Click the Campaigns tab. Select one of your “Display Network only – All features” campaigns. Click the “Settings” tab. Under additional settings, expand the device tab, and select “Set specific targeting for devices”. To opt out of showing ads on a specific device or ad inventory type, uncheck the box next to it. To target specific device operating systems, models, carriers, or networks, click “All options”. In the pop-up window, select where you’d like your ads to show. To set bid adjustments, go to the Devices tab from the page menu on the left, and do the same as we’ve mentioned earlier in the video. As always, there’s more than one way to set something up in AdWords. If you find anything new about Device Targeting, please feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for watching our tutorial on Device Targeting. Next up, we’re going to start the second chapter of our tutorials, and we’ll be talking about Ad Extensions. See you next time! If you enjoyed this video, you might also want to check out our AdWords tutorials on Demographic Targeting or Location Targeting. Click the subscribe button below to learn more practical AdWords tactics from the Spectrum Group Online. We are certified Google Partners. Also, here’s our contact information. Feel free to reach out!

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