8/5 & 8/6~Day 103 & 104~AT 2019~RPH to Kent, CT~Mile 1,430.8 to 1,469.1~TMH: 1,477.9

Good morning, everybody. I’m on my way up a mountain. I got a mile to go to a viewpoint. It’s
like 8 something, like 8:10 or something. And today we’re going to Pawling, New York, so a little bit of a shorter day. 17 ish miles. There’s a possibility
we’ll go to Wingdale, instead. Which would make it a 20 mile day, but
we’ll see. But yeah. It’s a good day. It’s nice and clear. Sunny. Um, we ordered pizza last night. The shelter we stayed at, you could order pizza and have it delivered
there. Unfortunately, the place wasn’t delivering on Sundays, apparently, but
there was a trail volunteer that main… help maintains that shelter. And he
offered to help us pick it up at the restaurant, and that was wonderful. “Thank you so much”. But yeah. So that was nice. Meeting new hikers every day, so that’s
exciting. We’re catching up to the end of the bigger bubbles. We really are. Like,
and with the SOBOs coming down, too. Like, it’s when we were at the Graymoor Spiritual Life Center, there’s 25 of us, or like 20 to 25 of us. Like all camped
in one spot, and I think that’s the largest group we’ve had at a campsite,
ever. So it’s getting to be more and more of us in one spot, and so it’s kind of
interesting to see that as a late group coming out of the original NOBO area, if
that makes any sense. Anyways. But I’m gonna get hiking. So there’s this interesting bug, that
camouflages itself. Look at it go! So this is one of the places where you
can take a train to New York City. Huh. It’s kind of neat. It literally is on the
trail. Like there’s the trail right there. That’s so cool. So look at this cool barn, silo thing,
going on up here. It’s so neat. Never seen anything like it.
That’s so cool. But yeah. It’s a foggy morning. Getting started. Alrighty, then. Let’s try that again. Cuz there’s cars. So getting started. And we’re going to Kent, Connecticut. We’re gonna see Brownie and Dizzy. I’m so
excited! It’s this couple that we had hiked with earlier in, on the trail.
Which means I gotta get going, because it’s 18 miles. I’m not the fastest hiker. So I got to zoom, a lot, today. I don’t know how much I’ll film. And I will be
finishing New York today! Yay! Okay. It’s official! I am going to be out of New York! Awesome! Welcome to Connecticut. Another state down. Woohoo! I can’t remember if I did one for New Jersey. I don’t think I did. Or… but
anyways. First: “New Jersey, you are awesome, with all your delis and stuff. That was
very helpful. Rocky. Really rocky towards the beginning, but nice at the end. Same
with you, New, New York. Rocky, in a whole different way, and… but very nice towards
the end. So yeah. And I liked, I liked visiting. What New York, what you did with Bear Mountain, is awesome. That was really nice. But yeah. I’m in Connecticut! About to go over this cute, little bridge,
over this river. So that’s cool.

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  1. Great pics and video…we met JQ at that sign…the day before we supported him for the Connecticut challenge…50+ miles… yikes

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