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Hello! The criminal whom we were searching
from six years, The master of disguise
is now in moon rock lounge What..? How does he look? Sorry sir, I didn’t realize how someone
in a cover from two years could look like him… Sir! He is in a black suit There are many people in black suit..
how do we recognize? He has a pocket watch..
Its weird.. He is a left hander sir… This is a last chance to catch him… He is leaving India permanently What? looks like someone from
our department has been sold Tell me the name.
– His name is… Hello… Hello… Hello, sir call for you. This is a boring party. Let’s go down and play. Close all the entry and exit doors… sorry for disturbing your party…
I am Bharadwaj, ACP. There is a criminal among you
whom we are searching since six years.. So guys just give me five minutes
and after that you continue party Hey! Leave that girl…
you can’t escape. You can’t escape..You can’t escape Sorry, you can go. Mohini Who is he? It’s a long interesting story. Let’s talk on the way… Let’s go down and play. What do you want sir?
– I want your dress Dear, I can’t find our son. He might be somewhere near…
You go and search that side Hi darling, why are you so tensed? You’ll find your son… Not sure if it’s dead or alive What are you talking?
who are you? His life is in my hands. Come. Hey, what do you want? What do you want? I want my son.
– Then you have to die. Take it. Hey!
You won’t get your son back if i die.. He will come back only if you die… Do as i say… Once upon a time
Today’s breaking news… Lord Naradha in the clouds, Drums in his neck,
He went to the heaven with a question.. We don’t have any problem
with that drums in his neck but we have a problem with
the question in his mind… That question is.. I will tell you. Lord indhra! They say that marriages
are made in heaven… We believe that you are the one
who organize it… But in these days where the technology
is in boom, Do you still organize the marriages? This is a question me
and the entire humans want to ask… Hmm..
As soon i asked, Lord Indhra felt bad… Ae you thinking how does god
have ego? Even god’s have ego.. Indhra wanted to prove himself… Naradha realized that this is not just
a question but an atom bomb The experimental factory for
the gods since ages.. Our story has shifted. Now, Indhra needs a girl and a boy
to get his ego satisfied.. According to the rule, Ladies first,
Indhra is in the hunt for a girl first
To talk about this girl since her birth…
Mother is Lakshmi, Father Narayanamurthy,
A job in doordarshan Greetings, Today’s weather forecast.. Weather is haze today..
There is no sign of rain till a week Mr Murthy who thinks himself
as a king of weather forecast Named her daughter after
the first month, Chaitra. Chaitra… Chaitra.. Chaitra.. Take the bowl Today is naming ceremony of Chaitra.. Her father’s wish is to catch the book.. Her mother’s wish is that
she should catch anything except money. let’s see what Chaitra picks.. Chaitra doesn’t want her family name
to get spoiled.. Just like her grandmother.. Uncle.. Chaitra’s uncle who came for dussera
with his whole family, While returning back for deepavali. Show me what you’re hiding
in the book I’m not hiding anything..
Look if you want Chaitra, went to sixth from fourth… The miser’s struggle chapter
in the 33rd page is about to start Open page no 22 No idea how many struggles
that miser went through, But the struggle people went through to stop
chaitra’s hiccups is too much.. It would be a 40 page
non detail to explain it I didn’t scold her anything…
I just asked her to open the lesson, That’s it, She started the hiccups.. Come.. No doctor has a medicine
for hiccups, But her mother who just passed
intermediate knows it Hey Chaitra… You threw away
the money which uncle gave That is the relation. Check out how this newspaper
is going to change Chaitra’s life A lucky man has just won
One crore in casino I want to become a millionaire. No idea if this is a village
or a graveyard… Village full of goons..
Should break their hands and legs I want to hit the bad guys Yes.. Keerthi.. Where is this location?
It’s awesome A place called suvena in America When did you go to America? Your dad doesn’t even
let you leave Hyderabad This is the advantage
if we get married. You can go around the world
in the name of Honeymoon. Get me married soon dad.. it’s ok if it’s a week late Do you like me? Do you want to know
anything about me? Everyone in the family thinks
she likes marriage, But she just wants to
get her wishes fulfilled Which are written in this book and
want visa for boarding the flight But only she and you know Marriage is fixed with Veerendra.. But they are happy not knowing
that god wishes for something else.. including Chaitra. Even though lord Indhra selected chaitra…
Don’t know where that groom is Name? Ramakrishna sir Surname? Kodaluru sir.. Hey.. Stay in the line Name? You only said, right? His name is A. satyam… That means lie. He loves his name.. Also he loves telling lies… He will never tell the truth. We will have to write many books
like Ramayana To tell about him but we don’t have
much time so will make it quick I’m ashamed to tell
that you are my son… He is now 32 years old but still depends
on his father’s pension money He will change after he gets married We have tried that too What is that beard? Any ritual? No, Nothing like that..
Just grew it since its good Oh… What do you do for a living? English? I don’t understand. Didn’t understand? Ok.. I’m asking
What do you for a living.. Precisely, how much
do you earn in a month? Oh… Dad gets 16000 rupees as pension.. We got six lakhs after
he passed away.. Interest on that amount
is 12000 rupees per month. So 16 and 12 thousand 28 thousand Madam check Sir is earning very hard… He will pay So, This is him… Who will marry him? If someone leave the house
they will mostly come late night but he gets disappeared for months.. That’s why i locked him up
in the house… I won’t let him out without
his marriage matter gets finalized Hey whats all this..? Hey stop.. Damn! Because of that idiot,
I’ve lost all the dollars.. We studied together Studying with him is like
staying with an atom bomb.. Don’t think it as a cuss word… I mean in pocket.. You want to see..?
See. This fellow is useless than me. Vennela Give me the answer sheet.
– Give me. Vennela, one more sheet. Vennela… Give one more. Give. Five more minutes Sathi give my paper…
Sathi give my paper… I crossed seven seas to get rid of this
sadism of him. No, I’ve crossed. He called you looking at the marriage
update in facebook Are you gonna marry?
without calling me Even I didn’t know about it. I just know her since an hour From an hour?
What is her name? Baby, what’s your name? Shou..
I am Vennela.. Marriage without even
knowing her name? Hey.. It is common is Vegas, man.. Do you know how many marriage
happen like this daily.. And she is very rich… One more thing is
girls love Indian guys… If you want, you also come here…
We will rock.. I’ve already told this… My marriage is fixed
and I’m in a good mood, You please dont spoil it
by remembering him I have to go vegas On a horse?
My dad will kill me Tomorrow I have marriage booking also Vegas is in America.. Check, if you know any travel agent.. America? I have to go vegas, very urgently. What will you do going to Vegas? To get married… You were crying that
I’m not getting married right? To get married. Hear me out Spinach…5 for 10 5 for 10 Hey lakshmi.. You know
my son Satyam. He wants to go to America
to get married As if we don’t have enough
girls in our place… If he agrees for marriage,
which girl will reject him? What do you think?
– No girl will marry him!! Spinach.. spinach..
Five for 10 rupees… I’ll stab you. Mom!!
Listen to me.. You want to steal your father’s
pension money again And throw it away in horse races? It’s not burning.. Investment, If I can marry a rich girl…
we will have lots of dollars.. Just give me two lakhs…
You can also come off to America and stay Hey these are duplicate gold jewelry. Thought I could bless you
but then you messed it up. Rascal, You will never get married… I won’t even give a penny..
Do whatever you want to do “Where is he? My groom?” “You are a gift, Even to Lord Rama” “Sita wont wish for the deer
– She will never go to lanka” “Will you stop it?
– Real matter is different” “She looks like Janaki,
– Like a dupe to an old man” “Don’t ask him to come,
– Will fire the lanka” “The fights won’t reduce” “Let’s show our energy… Beat it!!” “Beat it!” “It’s my wedding time” “It’s my wedding time” “Say it one more time” “It’s my wedding time” “Where is he? My groom?” “The glowing Ace.
He won’t leave the game of cards” “He doesn’t have directions.” “Leave it, Dude
Heat is up.” “Don’t mess with him.” “He won’t leave you” “If you’re sad,
story is about to change” “Hey! Im a poor man But,
I walk with the alcohol like a king” “I just slipped from
the snakes and ladders” “But soon, I will be the king” “Hey! This is a challenge,
My answer will be powerful” “I will roam like a king…” “I will break the bones” “My zero account will become rich” “Marriage is poker…
we are joker
If there is a wife in our life,” “Its a show” “Hey! Shall I break the bow?” “I’ll get settled with the marriage” “I will get married to
a white skin girl” “And bring lots of dollars” “I will get married to
a white skin girl” “And bring lots of dollars” “The girl under Ashoka tree
Is waiting for you in Foreign” Sharada “What is it?” “The girl under Ashoka tree
Is waiting for you in Foreign country” It’s 640k Will give you three lakhs..
Do it. Get lost! Stingy! – At least 4 lakhs?
Please Mr. Sharma? Please make it 4.10 lakhs, Mr. Sharma At least 4.20? I will kill you.. 1500 Rs is less 1500 is the travelling charges
I spent to come to your place daily “Hey.. ” “All my worries are going to vanish” “I’m an angel without wings” “Sky is going to become
my second house” “I will come back to
the ground sometimes” “Hey.. ” “Whomever I marry,
I am so so sorry” “I will tie you to my saree” “I will become a queen
without a king” “And rule this kingdom
called life” “Marriage is awesome..
Husband is a servent..” “Will make him mesmerise
with my eyes” “I will break my shackles” “And roam all over the globe” “Did you hear me?” “Marriage is a luck” “Do it and keep dancing…
Beat it” “It’s my wedding time.” “It’s my wedding time” “Say it one more time” “It’s my wedding time” Marriage is in the morning…
how does it stop? Marriage is in the morning…
how does it stop? Farmers are waiting
for the rains since three months.. Lord varuna will give them
rains in a while Marriage is in function hall, right? What is the problem if it rains? With those rains..
There will be some lightning’s too.. One among them is.. Mr. Murthy, Mr. Murthy A lightning struck groom’s vehicle. Groom is alright.. But the time is not good it seems..
This marriage should be stopped show Lord Indhra can cause
any amount of problems Chaitra!
– I’m ok. Mr Sharma my marriage is cancelled How did it happen? Should I look for any other match? I didn’t call you for that… I can’t go to honeymoon. So please return my 418k
as soon as possible. No need for interest Do you know how much loss
I should bare for your trip? It cannot be cancelled..
Go if you want to or else leave… I won’t give you a penny You cancelled this marriage.. But, how will Satyam and Chaitra meet? I launched that program in Mumbai The reason for our emergency meeting is… The master of disguise it’s been 19 years… I’m not
able to forget him.. I think it was 12:30 in the night… I was watching Sholay ‘Forget it or else Gabbar will come’ Gabbar singh.. he is a villain right? He cut off sanjeev kapoor ‘s
hands and ran away… Like a hero.. That’s when agent Vikram called me.. About the villain we are searching… but no use… he flew away from
the front of our eyes… For Sanjeev kumar to find Amitabh bacchan
and Dharmendra… It took them two years I have everything but it took 19 years
to find one clue about him Clue? Like what? Generally people are obsessed
with either girls or money But he is a crazy man, he is obsessed
with the suits he wears Suit?? Yes… Suit. It sounds weird…
But you will have to believe me… Just like Sachin loves cricket.. Our villain loves his
coat more than that… He even imports the fabric
of his suits from Denmark To where in india? Hyderabad.. There is a small shop called
noor fater in old city… established in 1923… He is related to the seventh
nizam usman ali khan… The fabric has just reached
Hyderabad from Denmark… It will take only
one week to stitch it… So we don’t have much time… If we follow that coat Definitely.. we can catch him… First we need to know
how that coat looks like To where it is getting couriered Then we can take the tailor
into the custody sir No, our entire mission will get spoiled
if our villain gets suspicious about us… Not one or two,
it’s been 19 years… now we got an another chance… this is not an normal coat.. it’s a key to open his locker.. We have to run a mission
to catch him now… What mission? sholay.. let’s start the show Bro.. Do you know where
Noor fater tailoring shop is? Boss.. go straight and take left We have good people in these days too?
he is good. Just reached position 1 sir
follow him. Just reached position 2 sir
Team follow him. Just reached position 3 sir Just wait. Sir… He is coming
with the briefcase… Deap maroonish..3 by 2 approximately 12 lbs.. what next sir.. Lift the bag
– are you sure sir? Immediatly pickup the bag.. We lost everything. One minute. Hello.. Is that your money? Even mine is old city… You want to steal my suitcase when i bend?
Even i know these tricks… I am local.. you cannot do this.. Hey good person! Me? I want to steal that money which
he thought he will steal this… Didn’t get it? I will explain… Can you please hold this? Hey..! Hey.. Good person! he is drowning me. Run.. run.. Hey.. i need back up.. Murghi chowk.. Sir, the suit has been stolen superb… superb.. Superb..
– But we didn’t steal it.. it’s some thief Idiot… We can never catch him,
if we miss that suit. catch him or kill him… i want that bag at any cost.. We got him sir.. We got the thief But surprisingly he is smiling.. why are you all back of this? Does it have at least one crore? Instead of going to Vegas i can even buy vegas come on.. hey go… Hey.. why didn’t you beat me.. hey bro you are a thief right? hey brother you are a thief right? Say truth… are you a thief? Even you are a theif
Thats why you didn’t beat me.. Brother.. brother..
Tell me. Oh god!! He looks like a bigger
idiot than me. These many cops
where never behind me.. Broom sticks… Buy two broom sticks.. get one free what is there? What is there?
– Sir, I don’t know sir Open it fast..
ok ok.. Its already late now… I have to go.. Im losing my job show me the receipt ok sir.. it’s there sir… This is only Go.. Didn’t know that cops are this good… very good person… Not you.. sir.. what should i do to him? leave him.. Hey.. sir.. Don’t discuss this with anyone.. ok..? You have to pay for that Sholay.. perfect. Who is leading this mission? Aadi.. Hey.. You don’t have manners.. what..? Don’t you know
that you have to knock Will you fire me
if i tell that I don’t know Bharadwaj.. I am leaving..You guys handle it.. Alright…take care ok.. Adhi you are going to Vegas next week.. Aadi, give me a minute
yes sir.. Once you’ve booked the ticked it
cannot be cancelled… Either leave your money…
or else go to honeymoon With whom should i go honeymoon? With whom should i go? Didn’t you understand?
what I’m trying to tell. Marriage has stopped. Where should i search
for a husband now? Have to search… I will search.. My fiancee is in Vegas… I have enough money with me.. Travel Sharma phone Hello.. Tomorrow is your visa interview it seems Hello.. Chitra!! If you want you can
get your money back… Your wish of going to
America will be fulfilled is it? What is it? Tell me silence sorry.. I found a good partner
for you to travel Vegas… if you go to honeymoon together… Sharma!! If you travel together… The amount which you paid us
will be refunded by fifty percent. I can’t help you more than this…
think and let me know He is a broker more than an agent heard it… Have to do these broker works
if we have customers like you… We dont have time,
so tell me yes or no Hey.. chaitra The same way we pity on
Chaitra in this situation.. Its usual to get angry on indhra… What can we do?
After all we are humans. Let’s see what will chaitra do..? Why don’t you stop
when calling. What happened? Vegas What? Mom.. just reached airport Nasty fellow. If you continue holding me I’m scared that
my heart will stop beating He and his useless beard and flirting Who knows? He might be your partner Don’t curse me please… If you have such powers in your tongue
you can wish for a 1 crore lottery for me.. What? Hoo.. Is it him? Be careful.. don’t tell him
any truth about you.. Otherwise you will be in trouble…
You know what happened in Delhi How will i know what happened
in Delhi when I’m in Hyderabad? ok ok… moral of the story is lie about your self whatever you tell about yourself
should be a lie ok..? What..? Do you know a truth?
You… I don’t need to know
any truth about you… And I don’t have any intention
to tell truth about myself… Our journey itself is a lie. I mean we are not married,
but are travelling together.. so let’s lie to each other.. Let’s only talk about lies.. do you understand? Ok I’ll start the game… I am Umrao jaan Sholay… Hey girl, two large vodka. I’m going to Vegas to get married
with a girl there.. What about you? None of your business…
mind your own do you want? I don’t drink ok.. I love girls who don’t drink Oh.. Hey.. why are you laughing.. You don’t like the girls
who drink, right? I lied to you You only told me
to talk only lies… You told it’s a game.. Did you forget? oh..yeah Hey… how do you
know about Sholay… How is it related to you I watched it 10 times. I love Gabbar singh… Hey Samba, how many people… sorry.. America 326 million
population… 3.3 million Indian among them.. 50 states… One among them.. Where would he be? What is he doing? The famous Indian classic
rope trick magician, Padmanabham Who is also an mimicry artist. He is the only last one
who knowns that magic trick.. but the bad part is, he is retiring soon, I’m very happy to inteview you sir. We heard that you are
retiring very soon.. The great classic Indian rope trick
is extinct with your retirement… or else will you pass it
to the next generation No.. I’m very possessive I’m not as good as you think i am.. my next show The last show for
the Indian classic rope trick. Because I am a bad man Are you joking sir? Seriously, I am not joking Suit and painting both
should reached our Vegas address. Good Have a nice day sir. Love you baby.
– Love you baby oh my god… she already got married… not one but many Hi.. yes.. They asked me the same question Poor thing poor thing? Why do you care? What happened to them? They went to the court
as soon as they were sober… They paid three crores
and went home Do you really need
rhyming at this time? What should i do to escape from her? You need to have
three crores in your account… or you should have been married If i really have three crores in my account
why will i come here leaving India so you need to be married then If so? You will be fined 1000 dollars
for committing a drunken mistake They will leave you if you pay it Hello.. I came to Vegas…
where are you? It was a mistake while drunk…
– Listen to me vennela.. oh my god… I don’t even remember
whom i married.. Guys I am already married If brother knows that you are lying You have to settle here
as a servant.. like me That means… That groom
in the mask is?? That’s me Prove it If you have gun,
I have guts in my heart. I will prove it. Hi.. Hi.. Can I? Sure.. where are you from? India oh I love India Oh, I love America. I satyam.. you? Amber
– Wow, bumper. Hi beautiful.
– Hi. Honeymoon Janu.. if you had
really married him.. If you would have come
with him for honeymoon. He would die. One lighting changed your life.. how do you know all this? You’re the one who blabbered all this
when you were drunk in the flight.. Just because you’re here with a stranger
and not with your husband? Are you crying for that? Don’t worry, I don’t have
any opinion on you What do you mean
you don’t have any opinion? It means You are not that beautiful.. Just.. average. What do you mean by that? You may not like me.. I don’t care but you don’t have to tell it
straight to my face You’re the one who said about lie…
game… and all that. Did you forget? So, everything you’re telling
is a lie? Yes.. I’m not crying about my marriage My luggage is exchanged… I’ve never wore these short clothes.. I will need lots of money
to buy new ones… This is true Don’t worry you look ugly in these clothes This is a lie. Hey.. Don’t leave me alone This is a new place… I’m scared staying alone. Hi adi… how is Vegas? Vegas is glowing… Did you get any information
about our villain? I’m work on that. Just reached.. Me too.. me too.. Now you can see me?
– Yes, I can see you. I… actually… came for suit. Did you come for the suit? It’s not ready yet… Give me your contact number When did you learn this language? You people also came
for the suite.. He also came for the suite.. You don’t know each other? They also came for the suit. They doubt you. If we miss him,
our mission will be spoilt. Catch them or kill them. Go… go.. get that. Dont leave him…
catch him adi Adi… Adi.. i cannot…
Adi can you hear me… hello Job is done sir.. mission is safe.. The two people we sent to collect
the suits are dead. Their dead bodies
found on the road. Who did it?
– Don’t know who did it. Some Indian citizen. Indian.. I doubt he is from
central intelligence of India Central intelligence of India We left the India long ago.. Do you remember whom did we bought
in the same department ? Sri hari.. but I dont know
where is he.. Will he help us? Viswanatham They say, 99 percent of the problems
are solved with money. if we try hard We can solve all 100 out 100 problems. That’s the power of money.. Get in touch with sri hari.. After all for a suit,
why are you so obsessed with it? Leave that suit. Then no one can catch you. Mr. Viswanatham Last year when I was in Vegas I met one person. I don’t know his name…
But… Very interesting guy To work in the casino,
he came from India. Unfortunately.. He lost all his money
in the same casino. Since he had no money
to go back to India For 40 days he was begging people… But no use. But on 41st day For the first time Instead of catching his feet,
he held a throat. You know what happened? He was reborn on the same day. It took him 40 days to know that
Neck is more important than feet. You are with me for 20 years… But you didn’t know
what is important for staying alive. Small advice. Reduce your weight. His name is Ajay. Who are you? I’m Brahma
who will change your fate. 15 million dollars Means.. almost 100 crores.. Did you ever see? Do you want to see? What should I do? Nothing new at all You do it everyday. About the details… Will listen till we spend. please… please.. No, no, no… You are always cheating on me.
this is not the first time. You are doing this to me
again and again. And I’m seriously saying,
if you call me once again.. I’m gonna break your balls. Don’t want to listen to anything now… Don’t call me again, good bye. Why are you staring like that? No.. no.. my name.. I Satyam.. you? Amanda Amanda weds Satyam. oh my god.. My darling… Can’t even see an Indian chick here To fool this guy… This guys is a bald head. An Indian girl… My wife… My wife… Oh… why did he come here? He’ll kill me, if he sees me. Satyam… When did you come to vegas?
How are you? What are you doing? This is the question
you have to ask me yesterday.. Came here to marry a white girl? This is the answer
if you lift the phone Switch on the phone, I’ll call you. friend.. In india friendships are like this… we are also very well developed… That time I lost my exam,
now a girl. “Friendship with the lips” “Its a crime if separated” “Moustache has danced on the lips
for the first time” “The lips wont stop..
what is this cheating..” “Remove it… remove it..” “Remove the fake heard” “Do it… Do it and see it…” “Wash away my soul
with your smile” “Freedom feel the freedom…” “A destruction between
the two lips” “Freedom Vedic chants” “A destruction between the two lips” “Fun in my nerves” “Every part is playing
Salsa… Salsa” “Dream are causing violence” “I just saw a walking
volcano in you” “Remove it… Remove it…” “Remove the password
and free my soul” “Do it… do it..” “Lets become a couple” “Freedom feel the freedom” “A destruction between
the two lips” “Freedom Vedic chants” “A destruction between
the two lips” “This time won’t come back” “Auction the memories” “Does the flying dove
have a county” “Will make the Air
a prisoner in my heart” “Why need che guevera” “Make your soul fly” “Not the statue” “Liberty means freedom” Why are you not lifting the call? I lifted.. What now? Night.. Did you do something
yesterday night? Did everything in the last night
and wants me to lift the call Did you do something in the night? night? night.. I didn’t do anything That means you did everything… I was drunk… how can you take
advantage of that? Don’t you have to protect her
in front of everyone… Didn’t do anything it seems. Hello.. Did you at least use protection? I told i will use it,
But you told me not to… Oh god.. how can I show
my face to him.. I should leave before he came.. He is here. Hello madam.. I am joseph..
senior manager… Can I borrow your time please… Congratulations… miss sholay
for winning the jackpot… I would like to present you this
for 2 million dollars Jackpot?? for me?? Yes! Yes! Mr. and Mrs. sholay.. shit. That means… I have to
marry him immediately I have sent you mail,
just check and confirm Sholay is the name of a mission
they have kept to catch you Operated by Adi. Told you that money
can buy everything… Why such a sad face? We know who is leading this mission. The problem is solved
if we kill him right? Looks like viswanatham
is not convinced yet… I know that i will get caught, right? You are wondering why I’m still back
of that even though Have some patience… Don’t ask me the details Trust me… its worth. I want this guy to be… Hello what are you doing..? You and your terror reading..
hit it… He isn’t caring me He is with another girl… I feel like crying.. So, you are worried about
the money or about him? Don’t ask me such questions… I have to lie that
it’s about money Who is that girl?
Without knowing anything Not the men, we should scold
the girls first… If there is someone called GOD Cheers Narada! These human don’t have any work? They scold our gods for everything… Don’t we have vacations
and parties? If there is someone called god,
he should get punished rightfully What punishment? Punishment means. Big problem…
He should get hurt in the stomach. He should count stars in the day Lets show him.. Indhra! What are you doing
with my girl… let’s go Lord, the history will be praising you. I want to hear them whole heartedly. Sholay What happened? He hit me in the stomach.. idiot.. God doesn’t have any work? Does he have to be this quick
in fulfilling the wishes? These Gods have no sense,
We shoudl first beat God in stomach Then he will know the pain,
I asked in anger… Does he have to fulfill so quickly? This humans are never
thankful to us… One large vodka. Please man.. Don’t kill me…
you have killed my brother Who ordered you to kill me?
– They gave me 500 grand to kill you I don’t know sir… Who ordered you to kill me? Sir…mission is compromised…
They got the leak sir.. they have sent people to kill me Adi don’t panic relax. I don’t wanna die today…
Do something… Adi relax.. I will do something…
relax.. Guys we have a big problem. We have a big problem.. The mission is compromised… They got to know about sholay How did they know sir? We don’t have any other option
but to terminate the mission.. Why? No need…
Actually, Adi is not the real showman… Let aadhi die,
who cares? If adi is dead.. The secret of the real showman
will also be buried with him… Why? Didn’t we take an oath
and take this job? Can’t you die?
– Can’t he die for his country? Can’t he die for his country? Sorry aadhi… I had to lie
in front of everyone. I don’t want to lose you.
I really care for you. Take care.. He shouldn’t collect the suit.. It has to be stolen.
– Ajay is there, right? ok.. The suit should be in Jordan by tomorrow… This is the address.. Time to kill the showman Why should I die?
why would I? Nothing will happen to me
I don’t want to die. Hello. Hello. Hello Adi…
– Who is this? See to your left. Bullet didn’t miss. I just gave you
some more time to stay alive… I know about sholay… Who is the showman? Show me.. You have very less time Not able to find at least
one Indian when needed… This church the marriage took place.
– Is it? show me. Bald head. What happened?
– Press the lift button. Soman It’s him Sholay.
– What’s sholay? Satyam.. I just told simply
that day in flight Viswanadham, he should die today. And we have to see the suit. Hello.. – The painting and suit
are with me. Time to kill the showman. Showman. Ajay wants you alive.. 10 more minutes.. Hold your breath brother… Sholay A secret mission..
it should be kept secret.. Don’t let anyone know Showman Dont worry, I won’t let anyone
know about your death… Rest in peace No sir, listen to me. I don’t know anything sir. It’s a secret mission,
but I leaked it to you. Otherwise, how would I know
where everyone is. I made you to play the game.. That’s my goal. Somebody robbed the suit… Also, They kill the old man I will talk to them… Hold him. Who is that crazy suit guy,
how does he look? I don’t know.
I don’t know. Life the call…
he knows… Ajay did you send the suit to Jordan? I’m sending…
I’m sending ajay itself.. Who is speaking?
Hello. Hello. Sent him. Who are you? Satyam Alias Showman. Tell me Noor fateh…Noor fateh tailor shop Noor fateh tailor shop..
Third Street, Chori bazaar Well done satyam… Satyam emergency I am satyam, central intelligence. Adi, same intelligence They got the leak
– Listen, I will do something Satyam, as we thought,
the villain’s plan is activated. Its time to show Adi is not the real show man sholay..
What is sholay sir, ok Actually i thought
you will come forward.. but i missed you… I have the suit
which is on it’s way to Jordan. I was searching for you till now… But now, You will start
searching for me.. ‘Crores of soldiers
were not enough for war’ ‘The Pandavas couldn’t achieve victory’ ‘At last even Krishna wasn’t alone’ ‘Kurukshetra would not have finished
without a lie.’ ‘Ashwatthama is dead… The elephant.’ Showtime. Hello Satyam, You gave me some address
and sent me to Jordan… What are you up to?
Partying in Vegas? I’m in no mood
for a party right now… I don’t have enough money too.. If you send me, I will roam with that girl
for a while and fix my marriage.. I’m not able to bear my mom Come on Satyam…
Marriages is not in our hands. Marriages are made in heaven. Nothing is in our hands…
Lord Indhra will take care of your marriage You see about your uncle.. And one more thing…
Move immediately from Vegas.. FBI got the information
about the murders I mean that mess you did yesterday… Ok you got it.. bye.. Not even a penny in my pocket…
Should move from Vegas it seems Whose wallet should I steal now? you!! What are you doing here? hey.. How did the FBI know
that it was an Indian? Did you tell them? Why will I tell?
I don’t know anything They won’t believe you also…
ok be careful Careful? What did i do to be careful? I don’t know anything.. where is he?? I am a professional…
I won’t leave anything behind like fingerprints you check it Finger prints… wallet… I don’t have my wallet. Hey wallet is not there Six murders in Vegas it seems… And that too an Indian did it,
Do you know about it? What do we know?
We don’t know anything We weren’t there. I know because i did it Hey!
even he saw that.. He told me not to tell anyone…
But he keeps telling everyone You did it? How did you do it? Tell me.. tell me.. I just realised for the first time
that girls fall for the lies too Girls fall only for lies.. You don’t know that…
poor girl. I’m going to Sovena day after tomorrow
and you are coming with me I’m not coming. I love you I mean I hate you… You know what..
I mean… I really hate you sir.. You! God!! How can they marry
when they are fighting like this Silly fellow.. Not once
they are going to get married thrice Keep watching. There is a massive blast here
in Jordan at 11 am… The location has been identified
as the ISIS headquarters Six Jordan police officers
have lost their live And one Indian national officer
named Bharadwaj Has survived with minor injuries ISIS headquarters is the place
where that suit will get delivered.. Please. – We imagined very little,
Ma’am its urgent… It’s not only about the suit
there is something else Satyam survived What happened? There is something in this suite.. Hey.. You are imagining unnecessarily… We got the address
where his suit will get delivered So… He erased all the proofs
related to him With this bomb blast.. I wish it’s true You wish? Why do you doubt? We don’t know how he looks like..
We don’t know where he lives… The only clue we have is… He knew that we are here
by following the suit… We know that we are going to catch him
if we tries to reach the suit… The suit might be of few lakhs.. Why is he trying so hard to reach it? I don’t get it…. If he ignores the suit… I mean..
– Understood…. In that case
we can never catch him He even hired people to kill us Since we are following him,
He wants to kill us… True villain He is magnificent Welcome Mr. Padmanabham… Did you think i called you
to see your magic? I hired that you are
giving information secretly So i bought you for 2000 crores How did the central investigation
knew about it? Only we both know
about what’s there is that suit I need that suit in two weeks what next? Will hit it again…
we might get it this time I’m asking about our villain If he needs the suit, He doesn’t have any other option
instead of contact you Hello!! Adi, An offer you cannot refuse… Hear it out Let us meet.. Are you a god? Or a saint? He himself called…. Tomorrow meeting in San Francisco Location trump… no.2789 Handle carefully Why is he getting down
after calling me? Sorry.. Our people handled you badly.. Please excuse us for that
– Satyam should have been killed… They left him… He doesn’t believe his own shadow… Why is he also got down Whom did i talk to… Satyam might have got a doubt on me Idiot don’t tell him that
I got the doubt I can handle it. He is my best friend… you know? I can handle it Where is the suit? Satyam has it.. I mean Satyam will have it Where is Satyam? Satyam… Satyam is in.. Trump room no. 2782 Hey!! You have a loose tongue Why did you tell him
that I’m here? He might have understood
our whole screenplay… He will take out his gun now…
Manage something What’s he doing here? There is no way you can know We are so dead. Are you trying to double cross? Mr Martin… Kiddo.. Listen.. 15 million dollars.. Almost 100 crores Did you ever look at 100 crores ? Do you want to see? Then play wisely Hotel trump.. Aadi!! You could have told
the name of any small hotel I don’t even have a penny in my pocket…
whose wallet should i rob now My name is vennela.. if you need anything
please let me know.. Ok.. Ya.. I am around..
Ya… ok. What a life!! What life?
– Hello Vennela What are you doing here? Isn’t that my question?
If you ask my question, Whom should i catch? Yes it sounded like a bad word…
I meant legs One more guy is remaining now. Hey.. hey.. killing is your job?
Profession? Why don’t you ask me in Telugu
– I’m asking is it your job or profession? Both, come I have some work with you. What about my job?
– Come.. Why do you have to bribe
the receptionist and book the room.. Such big room? We told them that we are going
to stay in this room Hey!! Whom did you tell…
who is going to come? Few people will be coming
to kill me, I told them. So, few people will
come to kill you.. And you gave them the address
so that they won’t have any difficulty? yes.. Hey.. I’m am a person,
who lives with respect You murder people as easy as wearing socks…
How are we even friends? I will leave now.
– What? I meant… I will leave. Hey Vennela…
Even you should stay here We can eat together…
We can kill together I will get bored alone
in this big room They are going to come right?
Wait for them… Welcome sir. Where were you till now?
– I was in a shock. He managed well without knowing
who the passenger is or his men are… And why did you leave me like that? What if he did something? How much did he offer? About 100 crores… This room gets filled with 100 crores Tell me if that is fine
Hall is yours, Bedroom is mine.. What do you say? Yes Satyam.. If he offered 100 crores,
there is something wrong There is something in this suit. They offered 100 crores for a suite?
– 100 crores? Is the suit safe? Is the suit safe? Suit is safe. He left me and went,
Didn’t even tell me Hey, what happened?
You are sounding sad.. Are you missing him?
do you like him? Don’t ask me such questions…
I’ll have to tell a lie that i don’t like him Bruhanaala… That means
Lord arjuna in disguise. Whatever he tells
and does isn’t true… But whatever he does.. Are you telling me that whatever
he does is for world peace? Cut the call… Brunnala!! 415 Suit. Suit. Why did she give me a call? Excuse me… You have to
switch off your phone please… I’m going to Suvena day after tomorrow…
You are coming with me. I won’t come. You said your not coming.
That means you are coming… You have to come, right? Why didn’t you come? Did you think Satyam is going to come?
No.. Fog is coming.. They are all going to get married,
Except for Chaitra… Thinking what is the relation between
fog and marriage? I will tell you.. We call Indrudu in this fog.. I don’t know what they call
it in their language. He will come riding
on seven horses it seems.. If we catche a girl’s hand in this fog,
That means they are married. Sounds strange, right?
Everyone has their own belief. Leave me. That’s what I’m doing.
– Then don’t leave me That’s what I’m doing I hate you.. I really hate you.. I hate you too “Hey miss sunshine…
is anger your sun sign?” “You are equal to the fire..
Let me know my crime” “Let’s fill the sunburn fun
in the pockets” “Lets send the anger
to the summer trip” “Dont let the china wall
collapse on me suddenly” “Dont hate me…
Remove your anger..” “Hey miss sunshine..
is anger your sun sign?” “You are equal to the fire,
Let me know my crime” “Hey valentine…
you are the Einstein of magic” “Will fall for you willingly,
You are equal to me square” “It’s tough to carry me this moment” “I love hiding you in me maximum” “We just stay for some more time,
Lets live every second” “Let’s make this day dream real,
Lets roam around the galaxies” Sir, nothing found. Wow!! Sholay… big room. I’ve never seen such a big room. Hello mom.. Why aren’t you picking up
my calls since a week? How will we know
if your fine By the way, I forgot to tell you… Your uncle has chosen
a marriage alliance for you.. Who asked him to??
He doesn’t have any other work? I won’t marry Are you going to get a white guy
and tell us that he is your husband. I don’t know
one word of English.. Even he doesn’t know English How cleverly you are telling me
that you have already chosen you husband Hello.. Before you get a white wife.. I’ll be going to your father… I’m donating all our assets to charity. And I am going to hang myself
in a while. Why are you giving it to charity?
Are you mad ? So, You are worried about the assets
and not about me? The girl is from our village…
She is a Telugu girl I won’t believe you… Give the phone
to her if she is beside you One minute, I’ll give him the phone.. One minute, mom. Actually small help Unexpectedly, I had to lie to my mom. Can you please manage it? Same here… I’ve never been this happy… So you really like my son?
– A lot. He looks like a movie star
with his beard I’m waiting to see you…
Come back soon. Your mom didn’t like me Even your mom didn’t like me Towen plaza, this is the address
you asked me. Peter is inside… Give this to him,
He will give you something… Get me that Peter!! How can I help you? 34, 38 I’m going to prison for sure. Sorry…
– It’s ok What is this new left handed habit? I got hurt. Aadi.. Aadi.. Aadi.. Aadi… I’m coming. Hey.. Hey.. Leave me. I spare you. I won’t leave you man.. Kiddo… Then play wisely. I wont leave you.. You will die… Bad taste. Adi. Hey, Adi. Tell me..
-Where are you? Spa… with beautiful girls. In a Jacuzzi.
– Ok, ok fine. I’m going out for two days,
I’ll call you back… ok? Perfect… Perfect… go.. go.. Please don’t do it. We don’t have it.
we are friends. What are you doing here?
Go to your country… Push her man… Go away right now.. What are you looking at?
get out of here.. Vemana has already told What did he tell? ‘Earth is going to laugh of people
who think that earth is theirs’ What does it mean? Why are they asking
to leave the country? America is the land of opportunities… Do you know how badly
they were speaking.. We should beat people like them. Will you beat them? How can we beat humans
while looking at them… It’s wrong. Hit them without looking How is that possible? I am coming.. Janu… Why did you interfere? It’s good that I came
at the right time. Or else what would have
happened to you? He are very brave Janu.
– We are Brahmins from Bapatla I bloody need a shower [ Singing English song ] Hello Satyam alias showman… How is your vacation going on? I have a breaking news for you.. The suit which you protected safely
is with me now… I don’t need you anymore. Good luck. Hey Sholay! Why did you
come inside? What are you doing? Suit is here. Why did he lie to me?
something is wrong. Sholay, what is that suit? They are coming… come soon..
lets go.. Who is coming?
-Let’s talk while running… come Hey.. They are here Give me that bag. you idiot.. you should’nt
stuck on my car.. Hello..
– We lost him.. He has escaped. Aadhi.. tell me..
– Satyam… where are you? Lincoln statue. Can I have a lighter please
– Yeah. Thank you.. Catch it.. Hello..
– Officer I need your help.. we are searching for the guy in
the blue shirt with the back bag Indian Blue shirt, back pack… Indian.
– Got it.. I think i found him He is not that guy.. Nice design man… Hey mister! What are you doing? Sir. Why did he leave me
like this? I have sent you the finger print photos,
please check it sir. Who are you? I’m asking you.
who are you? Me…Actually Why are they chasing you
and who are they? They are….How to tell you?? Where are you looking?
I’m talking here. I’m sorry sholay, it is because of me
let me solve it “Women’s words have
multiple meanings” Your fight is with me,
I hit you. He doesn’t have anything
to do with it… Past is past… You started
misbehaving first…Tell sorry Sorry..
-sorry. She is crazy
– Yes.. Problem solved… They won’t
come near you again “My heart is beating” “I’m not able to sleep” “The moon has come” “If this girl comes.. The moon
comes in the morning” “The girl looks like a doll..
Hey, friend! she looks awesome” “The girl looks like a sweet..
Her cheeks are lovely.” “The girl looks like a doll..
Hey, friend! she looks awesome” “The girl looks like a sweet
Her cheeks are lovely” “From where did this miss come from?
us is glowing with her smiles” “Her hips looks like…” “Her hips looks like Niagara falls..
I’ll go now… right away” “I’ll touch it and die right away” “I’ll go now…I go right away
I’ll touch your feet and die right away” “You never let me go.” “Her body is like a trumphet
She is killing me like Trump” “This white girl is doing a ramp walk
She put a stamp on my heart” “This girl is most beautiful” “I found only your name in google” “When you stop and
relax your muscles” “Its like I’m breaking my cheeks” When i see you biting your lips
Now i understand how the fire is born “I’ll come in your way,
Stamp me and go to the main road” “She is straight like a fox
Her sweat is a scent for me” “If she accepts me I will tear
my skin and stitch her a saree” “The girl looks like a doll..
hey, friend! she looks awesome” “Just check me out..” “Just take a look” “When your looks hit me
Its like drowning in the holy water” “When your body air touches me
I feel like Im reborn” “Why do you give me a green signal
I’ll get a green card by morning” “Come on an auspicious day
I’ll keep you in my heart like a French wine” “A girl with white house features” “Why dont you show me the way
like a light house” “If you catch my right hand
I’ll give you the Disney land” “The girl looks like a doll..
hey, friend! she looks awesome” Satyam, These finger prints
aren’t matching with anyone.. Neither a criminal nor a celebrity..
It’s so confusing… To know about these finger prints,
we need him alive.. Rope trick magician..
Padmanabham [ Sanskrit chant ] What does it mean? No one can change their destiny I didn’t ask the meaning…
I asked you explain clearly The suit comes directly
to our mansion from Hyderabad… Your true color will be out. The suit which had to come
to our mansion first You increased your life span
by sending the suit to Vegas But in the same time,
a painting which has been in our mansion First time you sent it
to the same address Your life span… You reduced it. God didn’t create a human
without any weaknesses till now… You know your weakness.. If you ignore that suit,
you have a chance to survive You are giving some world class statements
about strength and weakness.. I want to hear it once again. Come on.. tell me.. Sir, You have a visitor. Hey… hi gentleman Hi..
– Sit. sit. And you are mister?
-Satyam… Center intelligence…India I know…I can understand
by looking at you… I love India. But I left it long back.. Forget it, tell me
what can I do for you. We are searching for a criminal,
we need help. What is the relation between
you and the painting? Wow.. Beautiful… Seems like I’ve seen it somewhere
but can’t remember it. You know I am a magician.
I perform Indian classic rope trick.. A fan might have given me
but i can’t remember who Ok… I’m very sorry, I have some work..
I need to go… I’ll call you if I remember. Officer… I wish
you find your amigo… I mean… you’re criminal. Wish? God didn’t create a human
without weakness till now. Give me all your money man… No no man…
Just cool down…Cool… you give me the money..
– you want money.. Call from 4155556996 Come on man. Call from 4155556996
– Stay away from me.. Call from 415555 Looks like he is about to die,
What do you want me to do? We don’t need him anymore.. Let me think… 415…. 6996 He don’t have any work to do here… I can handle it.. Actually, Kill him… Who is on the line..? Wrong number This room will be filled
with 100 crores… Is the suit safe? Tell me
– Satyam, where are you? Lincoln statue. Wrong number Aadhi..? Good luck.. We are handing over the suit tomorrow To whom? Don’t know.
– Don’t know? No.. How will you hand it over
to a stranger? I don’t even know
how he looks like What? You don’t even know
how he looks like? How will you give him the suit? We have a code word for it. Where is the location?
– Metro station, time 12:30 Train number?
– 2674 Code word umahrajhon.. Hello.. umahrajhon..? There is no one named
with umahrajhon here.. Wrong number… I am saying.. There is no one named
with umahrajhon here.. What can I do for you? Satyam… central intelligence. I am Gurunadham… Please. Me and your commissioner
are friends since 30 years… Sir..sir..sir I don’t have anything about it, sir. Please hear me out.
Sir. sir. Hello sir No one knows about
where you are except me… Who is this suit mad man?
Where is he? Call me if you want to tell… Or else… Sir… Sir.. Sir.. Please sir…
I will die. Die! Hello, Mr.Vishwanadh…
I am trapped in a coffin… I don’t even know my location..
Please do something People are usually put in the coffin
after their death.. You are ver lucky for
dying in a coffin I’ll get you flowers,
your favourite roses. Hello.. Hello.. Hello.. Hello… Sir, I really don’t know about him. But, There is only one person
who can recognize him His name… Vishwanadham.. Mr Vishwanadham.. I will show you sir,
two minutes please… Tell me Mr.Vishwanadham. If you don’t tell
they will kill me along with you… I want to be alive sir… Sir, Give me some time… I understand his fears…
You will kill if he doesn’t tell… If he tells they will ruin his family.
we can’t trust him.. Because… Because… He is a bad man. What do you say, Mr.vishwanadham? Your fear is true…
tell me… Tell me! I’m holding your legs and asking… Yours is a good family..Small children…
They have to be fine and alive, Right? Yours is a good family.. Small children…
They have to be fine, Right? They have to be alive, right? Sorry sir… He will tell… Tell me… You are not thinking
about your family… Decide. Decide. Oh my god, sir…
He won’t let me live after all this… You kill me… sir.. sir..
Please sir. Sir. His life is important to me
till I get that suit back The game which you showed me
is a very small one… Reality show. I’ll show you how it is played..
– No one will alive in this game Get ready, boy.. Janu.. Janu.. Did you think its blood? Its sauce… Thought of cleaning it..
But wanted to see your reaction… You do care for me… I like it. That is why I want to marry you
right now… I love you… I mean I hate you… Hey.. what is this? Blood.. Thank god… I thought
its real blood Even this is sauce.. Why don’t you come with me…
I get bored travelling alone that far. Don’t worry… You leave…
I will join you soon Satyam! You scared me…
Where is the suit? You? Satyam, I can’t bear your silence… Do you know
whose fingerprints are those? It’s our army general Subrato roy’s Army general Subrato roy? How did he get those finger prints? Subrato roy is a Smug artist… He gifted a handmade painting
to magician Padmanabham Our villain lifted that painting
from Padmanabham… The stolen painting was sent
to some guy named Steve in Vegas… He is a expert in properly arranging
the finger print which are scattered… That is how the finger prints got transferred
from the painting to the suit Why does he need
those finger prints? He can control the whole Indian army…
and also launch nuclear weapons He can destory the Nation I mean, ash. The suit has to be sent to Indian immediately…
Where is the suit Satyam? Ferimal… Locker number 2706 Oh.. Please get it
– Ok sir.. Master of disguise!! Hello.. – Satyam…I am at the airport…
San francisco. Satyam, I’m waiting here since an hour
where are you? If the commissioner is in airport…
then who is in the room. I’ll show you what reality show is Tell me Afzal
– Padmanabham… Time is up.
where is the suit? Come to Trump tower. Come in Mr. Afzal khan Welcome Afzal Sir.. you..? Where is Satyam? Job is done.. we know who is
Master of disguise… Padmanabham… The world famous rope
trick magician, Padmanabham… He is my disguise,
he changed in to me. Why are you laughing sir? Let’s go sir.
let’s go. Hey.. How could you escape
from that place? How could you escape
from that place? Kill him. Come.. Hello.. Wow… Tough basterd. Thought I will never hear
that voice again… But still, I have that coat.
what can you do? Shall I tell you breaking news? The suit which you have now is not the suit
you are searching since 10 days… That suit is searching for you
since 20 years… Check the suit. Come, Let’s go down and play… I want your dress.. My kid is missing. How will you get your son
if I die… He will come if you are dead. Die Hey.. Dad.. Dad.. Dad.. Flash back..
– Past was haunting you till now… Now, your future will frighten you. The only place for you
to escape is… Only a Graveyard… Ok listen… do Im sounding stereotype… Sentiment makes a person very weak.. You know why i am saying this? The commissioner beside me… Your girlfriend who just boarded the train
they are still alive… If you don’t come here
in 30 minutes with the suit Are you threatening me? If you want I myself
will kill them… I don’t have any relations
and I don’t need anyone… My agenda is to kill you. I have killed 28 people till now Hello.. Padmanabham 29.. Including you my account is 115 .. Hey.. remember this, I need
that commissioner alive… He killed my father.
Though Im sounding stereotype. I have to kill you both. Just tell me…
Where should I come? Get that suite.. We are searching for a criminal.. I wish you find your amigo,
I mean your criminal. I guess you are tired… I’m here… Same situation
20 years ago… I am impressed boy.. To liberate you,
I came here. Are you ready? are you ready? Hey, take care of the suit. I told you, right? That I desire the suit But I desire you, I will kill you.. Hey boy. I am here 20 years ago.. Same situation,
Your father. He begged me to leave him… But you are telling me that
you will kill me Lot of change in
the same family blood.. Are you really your fathers son or… Only my dad can clear
your doubts. I’ll arrange a meeting with him…
Just few more minutes… Not bad boy..
I am impressed. That day I didn’t kill your father. If you want to kill me
then kill me. How can I kill sir. If you kill him right here
because you don’t have a place… No one can recognize
if it is him or not Isn’t that him who is dead?
-You shouldn’t have killed him We need him alive. Now, how do we know
about the finger prints? Sir, what all can we do with
army general Subrato roy’s finger prints? A lot can be done…
We can launch nuclear missiles… Ok But, How do you know
about army general? How you know?
– He only told me.. Let’s go.. Janu phone!!
I’ll get scolding’s now. Janu.. All dreams fullfilled with you, Except one dream.. What is that?
– I will not say.. Tell me..
– I will not say.. Tell me..
– I will not say.. Tell me..
– I will not say.. Tell me..
– I will not say.. Wish granted Indra. When we went to veagas,
you told that they will marry thrice You once told me that if the hands meet
in the fog, It’s equal to marriage Very eccentric. They will anyway get married
once they reach India… What about the third time? Crazy fellow. Like this, Indira’s ego is satisfied, Hence proved,
Marriages are made in heaven. [SUBTITLES BY TITLES MEDIA]

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