🔴i500 TWS Airpods | The BEST AirPods Clones 2019 ?

so these are not the Apple Airpod twos
if you’ve been following my channel for a while you know that I did previously
reviewed the first generation Airport clones called the i-10 s now was so
impressed with those headphones they actually still use them to this day
which I guess is just a point to make that if I do recommend something that
means I like the product so much I would actually go out and buy it myself
now since reviewing the i-10 s I’ve seen lots of other Airport clones and nothing
has really grabbed my attention until today so these are the i500 tws airport
two clones from a company called M gate now these are known as one-to-one clones
which means there are perfect replicas of the official Apple Airport 2 News
now typically these retail for about 50 dollars but there’s a Black Friday Cyber
Monday promotion giving you a massive 25% off so if by the end of this review
you like these headphones definitely get them with that special discount code now
one of the key highlights about these airports is that they contain the latest
h1 chip now what that means is pairing this with your iPhone or your iPad or
really any of your devices should be very very quick and also on
your ID voices as soon as you open up the lid on these air pods your device
you’d see that pop up animation asking you to pair them so they really have
done a fantastic job if that actually works on making these as identical as
possible to the airport twos now the other highlight we have here is the fact
that these actually have an optical sensor and what this means is as soon as
you take these out of your air it will automatically stop your music or your
video or whatever you’re doing on your device and as soon as you put them back
in your air because of the optical sensor he’ll then carry on where you’re
doing so I am really interested to see that in action so let’s open them up ok
so first up we’ve got the actual charge cable which is the Apple lightning cable
now with my previous model the i-10 s they were charged by a USB type-c but
here we can see the gone with the official Apple standard we get a small
instruction manual and we can see for iOS it just says open the device press
and all the button at the back and if you then get a pairing prompt on Android
which I will actually test both iOS and Android on Android you just open the
case press the button at the back turn on bluetooth and you can then establish
the Bluetooth partnership okay and here is the eye 500 clones
okay so straight grab notice on the back here we can see it says designed by
Apple Inc I love and assembled in China now battery life
is quoted about three and a half four hours of continuous playback from a
single charge but as we know this is actually a charging case so as soon as
your ear pods run out of batteries you can pop them back into the case and the
case will actually charge them about three or four times and that charging
process takes about 45 minutes now talking of charging this actually
supports the wireless Qi standard for charging so if you do have a wireless
charger in your house and then Li cost about five or ten dollars from eBay or
from Amazon you can actually pop this on there now she’ll start charging them
automatically for you having the Qi charging is also a great feature of
these I 500s let’s have a look inside I mean that really has a very satisfying
magnetic click so yeah that feels very nice guys very kind of premium fuel and
in fact we can see in here you’ve got some writing in there you’ve got some
serial numbers so again they really have tried to make these as identical to the
airport twos as possible and the airport’s themselves are also actually
held in via magnets we can see there and that means yeah they should really fall
out okay let’s try pairing with an iPhone
okay so a moment of truth guys here is an iPhone let’s see what happens when I
open the case and here we have you guys we get the official pop up let’s now
click on connect let’s hold a button on the back and let’s do that now press and
hold okay so it’s connecting and how slick is that guys I mean it tells you
the battery life at the airport tells you the battery life of the charging
case you really can’t get more for replicas than that I mean that really is
impressive and actually worked the first time okay guys I just plugged them into
my ear and the video has started and what what happens when I take them out
of my ear you can see it automatically pauses the audio because of the optical
sensor because the airport have now detected that these are not in my ear so
this automatically pause a video for me and that really is an impressive feature
let me not put them into my ear see without touching the phone we can see
that video starts up so really guys a very impressive feature there okay let’s
repeat that process with Android phone let’s open up the lid let’s press on all
the button in the back we can see we good option air air pods let’s click on
air pods so join a pair with the airport let’s click on pair and as
now connected fine so very easy to pair on iOS on Android even your feisty guys
you can actually pair these with your fire stick all your Amazon device and
use them as wireless headphones let’s do the same test again so the video is
playing I have one airport in my air let’s not take that out as soon as I
take it out that automatically pauses the video and of course guys what are
you watching YouTube will listen to music or where we’re doing your device
as soon as you take these out it’ll automatically pause wherever you’re
doing and when you put them back in without me touching anything it starts
playing so again guys as you can tell I’m very impressed with that feature and
these also support touch gestures and what that means is just by tapping on
your air pods you can skip a track you can go forward you can go backwards and
you can even talk to Siri now in terms of sound quality you have to appreciate
that these are the inner design without any silicone tip now because it’s no
silicone tip you’re not going to get towed to a 100% sound isolation which
some of you may prefer some of you may not but now I see found the sound
quality of these to be better than the i-10 s the bass was very punchy
definitely better denied and as the mids were also good and the highs were very
crisp so was definitely pressed with the sound quality so wrapping this up guys I
am overall impressed with the OI 500s some of the highlights for me are
firstly the fact that they really do look identical to the official airport
twos I really like the proximity sensor which we saw works really well both on
iOS and Android on top of that they do support bluetooth for low latency and
you also get the Qi charging so lots of great features guys on the negative side
I would say the battery life could be better I also found the touch controls
to be a bit fiddly and they could definitely be some improvements to the
microphone quality when taking phone calls but overall if you are looking for
great Airport to clones at a fraction of a price are deafening would give these a
look especially with the discount code for Black Friday Cyber Monday
these are definitely worth checking out well that’s all for this video guys many
thanks for watching if you do want to check out these headphones and do have a
look in the video description and please do let me know in the comments what you
think about these headphones and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real
soon thanks

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  2. Awesome review brother TDUK. NIce earbuds. Much appreciated. Keep the reviews coming. Hope you enjoy you day. Much love bro

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