so this is a standard ROM on the t95q
Andrew streaming box now if you’ve been watching my videos recently I have done
a couple on how you can upgrade this to a custom ROM and how you can actually
restore this back to the factory default image now when you do there and go over
to your settings and go into about we can see this current build version is
2006 but the internet can actually get a much newer build now unfortunately if
you do use the wireless update feature which we can see here here we can see
the current version is 2006 and when you click on check for updates even though
there’s a new build out there you get the message your system is already up to
date so I know for a fact there is a newer 2008 build so in this video today
let me show you the exact steps you need to follow to update this build to the
latest version coming up right after this if you need to the channel and you
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to me thank you okay so for this process to
work we need to have just one thing which is a USB flash drive now on this
USB flash drive I’ve already downloaded the zip file which is a latest build for
the t95 queue now you can get the zip file from our website under firmware or
under downloads firmware key 95q and you’ll see a link there for latest build
number Donna does it fall and just copy to the USB Drive don’t open a zip folder
and extract air just copy the zip file as is and place it onto your USB Drive
once you have that let’s back out of this let’s go to apps and we can see we
have an option here to update and backup so let’s click on that now and let’s now
plug in the USB Drive into our t95 cue box now in here we have a couple of
options the key thing we’re looking for is the
ability to update locally because we’ve plugged in a USB stick directly into
1395 cue box and that contains the update to the latest version of this
build and just as a general recommendation you should check both
these boxes to wipe your data and wipe your media before you do the update so
this will give you a turkey fresh start when you are running the latest build
now of course you do have stuff on your device that you want to backup you can
always choose option to backup your data the update and then do a restore when my
example I’m gonna do a total wipe and then do a fresh install of the latest
build for this device so the way we do that is firstly we take the option to
wipe data let’s click on that let’s select the option to wipe media and
let’s now click on select because we need to tell the device where the latest
build is so let’s click on that now this is now showing you the contents of my
USB stick and here we can you see the latest version which has the name T 2008
and it’s from 2019 so we’re going to do now is basically
select a zip file and this contains the latest build for the t95 queue so let’s
press ok on that ok so you got the fall there so that’s the father we’re going
to use for the update we got these two options tick which means the device is
going to wipe itself after the update and let’s now go and click on update ok
so just a done’ start here update from the USB drive let’s click on update
again ok it’s now going to restart its gonna use the update image from the USB
drive and then update my box to the latest build so let’s see what happens okay the box is now restarted okay we now get a message installing a
system update so that’s not basically going through the upgrade process so
let’s give that a few minutes and just all waiting guys if you are enjoying
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do subscribe hit the notification bell thank you okay that’s now raising the
current image okay so the box is now rebooting looks
like a good sign now one thing I did notice with this build guys is this
video just seems to play a little bit smoother than the stock rom with the
stock image so they’ve obviously put some tweaks under the hood or some
improvements but that’s one of the things I definitely noticed straight
away okay so the box is now rebooted so let’s go over to settings let’s go down
into about let’s scroll down and there we can just confirm guys we are now
running the latest build which is at EQ 2008 build so the update process has
worked successfully and in terms what’s actually changed I can actually find a
change look or build look to find out what’s in its latest version but rest
assured with this version you are running the latest build for the t95
queue that’s all for this video guys many thanks for watching if you did find
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know what you think leave me a comment below and I’ll hopefully catch up with
you guys real soon thanks


  1. Awesome video brother TDUK. Very informative. Where do you find the updates for different android boxes? Is there a specific website? Keep the videos coming. Hope you have an awesome night

  2. Great information.
    I think I'll be reaching this again.
    Thank you and keep up the great work here๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  3. Next time explain what is diference in rom for burn, ota update and twrp update, this film is not idiot proof, someone can make a brick

  4. Another great and informative video
    Many thanks for your time and efforts
    Iโ€™ve managed to update on the 2nd attempt after I downloaded to the SD Card and succeeded in updating

  5. Anyone looking for a notification bar for the T95Q "Material Shade Notification" works very well from google playstore …u can pull the notification bar from very top of screen

  6. Thank you, I just want to ask you about the name of the launcher that you used in the last part of the video. ๐Ÿ™‚ cheers

  7. Hi TDUK, I've just bought a T95Q running Android 9 (from china) and mine says Build is TQ_0003_20190801 – 1550
    Is this a newer version to the one in your video? or shall I still update my firmware with the one you have? ๐Ÿ˜•

  8. I have an h 96 H2 running Android 7.0 or seven-point something just wondering is there a way to update the latest version of Android on it, I got it from banggood and was rooted already not sure if that has anything to do with it but was wondering if it was possible to update to a new version of Android

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