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Hi everyone! My name is Slava Today I’d like to show you how to listen to music on any device for FREE Today we have a lot of music services like Apple Music Spotify but if you want to listen to music without any limits you need to pay a subscription Yes, you can listen to music for free in Yandex.Music or VK But you won’t be able to download songs
without subscription Google has its own music service called “Google Play Music” and Google let users to upload up to 50.000 songs for free to you Google account Today I’ll show you how to upload your music to the Play Music also, I’ll show you where you can download any music
absolutely for free because battle of rightholders and torrent websites made it pretty difficult to download music for free Well, now we’re on my desktop screen To upload your music you need to have a Chrome browser Open Chrome and Play Music Website I already prepared Google Play Music website It looks like this if you’ve never visited it before All links to Play Music, where to download music and extensions I’ll show will be in the description Well, Google offers us to make a subscription
We click on “No, Thank You” Next So that service could determine your country Because some countires have limits We need to add out debit (credit) card Click on “Add a card” If you ever used Google Pay You’ll be offered to use your Google Pay Card If not, then we need to add a card Google won’t charge off any money And the card will be added to your Google Account,
probably, will be useful somedays Now I’ll switch to my main account Well, I’m in my Play Music account. Main page looks like this& To add your music we need to open a menu and click on “Upload music” Now we need to drag our music files to the browser Let’s do it like this And we have a message “To upload your music install Play Music Extension” Click on “continue” And we get to Chome Store page Click on Install and accept it Done. We have installed the Play Music Extension to Google Chrome Play Music understand that we installed the extension And now it upload the music I have dragged You can upload not by single tracks but the whole albums It will undertand and add the music to your account If you want to have a beautiful collection With covers, Artist’s names and albums To make it you need to click on 3 dots and change information Or go to the Collection>Albums And here you can change the information of the whole album Now I’ll show the website where I download the music
It’s an aggregator of torrents So it doesn’t host any torrent files but it searches
for them on the Internet For example: let’s search for Imagine Dragons discography Well, it offers 2 torrent files Choose the best and just download it I’ll leave links to the torrent programs for both Windows and macOS So this way you can upload to your Google Account up to 50.000 songs Now I’ll show my collection Collections>Tracks On my account I have 1266 songs To he honest, I don’t know it is even possible to upload 50000 songs because it’s insane Anyway, Google let us do it and it’s great The songs we have uploaded we can listen to in the browser in Play Music Website Also, I’ll leave a link to the special program if you don’t like browsers It works on both Windows and macOS You can donwload Play Music to your phone And the best thing is that you can download your music to the phone and listen to music even without internet connection You can also download your collectin to your and other PC For example, I added the music from an old PC but I want to download my songs to the new one So I showed you how you can listen to music on any device online and offline without subscriptions I hope you liked this video. All links in the description. Bye!

17 thoughts on “Бесплатная музыка на Android и iPhone – Google Play Music // Play Музыка

  1. Отличный контент, ещё бы микрофон петличку boya с али + свет

  2. А эта фонотека потом синхронизируется с другими устройствами? Тип закинул с компа музыки и с телефона слушаешь.

  3. Больше звука. Пользуюсь всеми сервисами Google 8 лет и этой фичей как на айфон, так и на андроид) Загружено 3000 треков, и еще можно загрузить 47к., но жалко нельзя качать отдельно треки, только создавать плейлист, туда закидывать и качать, это на бесплатном аккаунте, без подписки. А с подпиской можно и отдельно качать и не только свои уже. Пользуюсь для загрузки приложением под windows. В нём можно загружать в фоне целую папку и синхронизировать новые треки. Качаю с Я.Музыки с помощью расширений.

  4. Добрый день,

    у меня такая проблема : Google Play Музыка пока доступна не во всех странах и не для всех типов аккаунтов. Подробнее…
    Можно как то обойти эту проблему если нет моей страны с списке ?

  5. На Win7 перестала загружаться фонотека с Google Play Music Desktop Player (v.4.6.1), кто-нибудь сталкивался с проблемой?

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